Namkeen Market to Witness Major Growth by 2028 | Haldiram’s, Bikaji, Balaji Wafers, Prabhuji Haldiram

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Updated · Jul 13, 2023

Namkeen Market to Witness Major Growth by 2028 | Haldiram’s, Bikaji, Balaji Wafers, Prabhuji Haldiram

Published Via 11Press : The most recent market research report from HTF MI on the Global Namkeen Market assesses risk side analyses, highlights opportunities, and makes use of tactical and strategic decision-making assistance. The analysis offers data on market trends and developments, growth factors, technologies, and the altering Namkeen Market investment structure. Balaji Wafers (India), Bikaji (India), and Haldiram (India) are a few of the major firms mentioned in the report. India’s Prabhuji Haldiram Indian snack brand Laxmi Indian author Bhikharam Chandmal United States-based Frito-Lay MTR Foods (India), Lay’s (United States), and Uncle Chipps are examples.

What is Namkeen?

Famous for its savoury dishes, Namkeen has its roots in the Indian subcontinent. It describes a large selection of crunchy, sour, and spicy snacks that are typically enjoyed with tea, as an accompaniment to meals, or on their own. The different flavours, textures, and ingredients that makeup Namkeen snacks are well-known for offering a wide range of flavour sensations. People of all ages like Namkeen, and it is especially well-liked during the holiday and festival seasons. Snacks made of potatoes, lentils, crunchy combinations, spicy almonds, and flavoured sev are only a few of the Namkeen varieties available at the market. Established brands and local producers offer distinctive flavours, high-quality goods, and appealing packaging to cater to the various preferences of consumers. The market is characterised by ongoing product innovation, expansion into new areas, and a focus on upholding consistent quality standards to preserve customer loyalty.

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Namkeen Market

Attributes Details
Study Period -2028
Base Year 2022
Unit Value (USD Million)
Key Companies Profiled Uncle Chipps (India), Frito-Lay (United States), MTR Foods (India), Lay’s (United States), Haldiram’s (India), Balaji Wafers (India), Bikaji (India), Prabhuji Haldiram (India), Bhikharam Chandmal (India), Laxmi Snacks (India), etc.

The report includes a thorough analysis divided into the study’s primary geographical areas and significant business categories, such as Murukku Chanachur Bikaneri Namkeen Gathiya Namkeen Bhakarwadi Others. Due to new methods used by companies in the Namkeen market, it is anticipated that the rivalry would get even fiercer in the upcoming years. Namkeen research study delivers information on the product/service landscape of top firms as well as an in-depth analysis of the competition to assist customers in increasing their revenue shares in the sector. In order to maximise the benefits of development prospects, this Namkeen market study also offers techniques that competitors can use and indicates crucial areas they should concentrate on. Bikaji (India), Haldiram’s (India), Balaji Wafers (India), Laxmi Snacks (India), Prabhuji Haldiram (India), Bhikharam Chandmal (India), Uncle Chipps (India), MTR Foods (India), and Lay’s (United States) are only a few of the major firms included in the research.

Market Overview:

The Namkeen market is extremely competitive, with several producers offering a wide variety of goods to cater to various consumer tastes. Expanding urbanisation, shifting lifestyles, expanding consumer demand for quick and ready-to-eat snacks, and greater consumer knowledge of diverse regional flavours and cuisines are all factors pushing the market. The competitors of Namkeen try to set themselves apart via quality, packaging, flavour variety, and product innovation. They concentrate on upholding consistent quality standards, using premium ingredients, and utilising time-tested recipes in order to appeal to clients. Developing a competitive edge in the market requires strong brand recognition and effective marketing strategies. The competitiveness is heightened by the presence of both major producers and smaller regional rivals. To appeal to niche local markets, local players emphasise regional flavours and traditional recipes, although larger businesses usually have well-established distribution networks and brand identities. E-commerce platforms have also made it possible for both established businesses and young entrepreneurs to access a wider audience of customers.

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Influencing Trend:

  • There is a rising need for more nutritious and better options in the Namkeen market.
  • The demand for snacks made with high-quality ingredients and less in the way of chemicals, preservatives, and artificial flavours is rising.
  • Increased health awareness and a desire for mindful snacking are the trends driving this one.
  • The popularity of novel and distinctive flavours in Namkeen products is also rising.
  • Manufacturers are developing novel and uncommon flavours that are influenced by regional cuisines, fusion mixes, and global tastes in order to cater to the shifting consumer palate.
  • Furthermore, the trend of aesthetically pleasing and tastefully packaged Namkeen products has been driven by the rising impact of social media and digital platforms.
  • Through branding and marketing initiatives, eye-catching packaging designs and captivating storylines are becoming more and more popular.


Market Growth Drivers:

  • Expanding consumer demand for savoury snacks and expanding consumer demand for convenient and ready-to-eat food products are significant factors.
  • There is an increasing need for on-the-go snack choices as people’s lives get busier, and Namkeen fits the bill.
  • A rise in snacking behaviours and a need for interesting and delicious food alternatives are both results of the expanding urban population and rising consumer disposable incomes.
  • The demand for Namkeen goods has also risen as a result of the rising appeal of ethnic and regional flavours as well as the growing trend of trying new foods.
  • Namkeen’s market development has also been supported by its extensive distribution networks and widespread availability across multiple retail channels, including supermarkets, convenience shops, and online platforms.
  • Finally, the Namkeen market has advanced significantly because of producers’ ongoing product improvements and marketing campaigns to draw customers and raise brand recognition.


  • Providing consistent quality throughout Namkeen product batches is a major problem.
  • When using natural ingredients and conventional production methods, it can be challenging to keep a consistent taste, texture, and flavour profile.
  • The drawn-out manufacturing process is another difficulty since Namkeen demands meticulous prepping and cooking procedures.
  • This may reduce the manufacturing capacity and scalability of manufacturers, making it more difficult to meet growing customer demand.
  • The sophisticated structure of the production process usually needs specialised people, which results in increased operating costs, and this presents a challenge for the Namkeen industry.
  • Furthermore, issues with the gear and equipment used in the Namkeen industry may result in delays in the production process and higher costs.
  • For the manufacturing line to run without hiccups and to maintain smooth operations, regular maintenance and repairs are required.

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Transformation and Important Triggers:

Due to the convergence of a number of significant triggers, such as:

  • Significant changes in the technology and cost structure of the Namkeen Industry
  • A turning point in globalisation
  • The difficulties posed by regulatory compliance in the Namkeen Market
  • A significant slowdown in developed economies
  • The emergence of new forms of competition in the Namkeen Industry

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