Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear) Market Is Booming Across the Globe: THINX, PantyProp, Knixwear

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Updated · Jul 23, 2023

Published Via 11Press : According to HTF Market Intelligence, the market for menstrual underwear (period panties) is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 13.08% from 2017 to 2028.

Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear) Industry Background: Period Panties, often known as menstrual underwear, are a relatively new sanitary device that is frequently available online. The menstruation underwear ranges from half to two tampons in absorbency. Menstrual underwear is a hygienic garment that can be worn on its own depending on the flow’s duration or as a backup for menstrual cups. The menstrual underwear patch is made up of a layer of a special fabric that is designed to draw the blood-colored liquid away from the body and trap it inside the underwear. It also stops the liquid from dripping onto the garment. Depending on the flow, period underwear can be used alone or as an alternative to menstrual cups. These underwear features a unique textured coating that is intended to drain moisture away from the body and draw it inside the item, preventing spills on clothing. Leakproof underwear is becoming more popular, which is mostly due to the growing environmental impact of single-use menstrual products. Up to two billion menstruation products are flushed down British toilets annually, according to the Women’s Environmental Network. Media campaigns against the environmental impact of disposable tampons and pads have increased consumer interest in reusable sanitary safety products over the past few years. Due to this need, manufacturers of period panties are producing goods to meet it.


Attributes Details
Study Period 2018-2028
Base Year 2022
Forecast Period 2023-2028
Value Unit USD (Million)
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Major Key Players

  • THINX Inc. (United States)
  • PantyProp (United States)
  • Knixwear (Canada)
  • Lunapads International (Canada)
  • Modibodi (United States)
  • Anigan (United States)
  • DEAR KATE (United States)
  • Adira (India)
  • Fannypants (United States)
  • WUKA (United Kingdom)

Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear) Market Key Business Segments

By Type

  • Brief
  • Boyshort
  • Hi-Waist
  • Others

By Application

  • Women (25-50)
  • Girls (15-24)

By Material

  • Bamboo Cotton
  • Cotton

By Size

  • Small Medium
  • Large Extra Large

By Sales Channel

  • Online
  • Offline

Key Developments in the Market:

The Canadian business Knix Wear Inc., a prominent manufacturer of leakproof clothing for periods and incontinence, is acquired by hygiene and health company Essity in July 2022 for 80% of its equity. The fastest-growing product category in intimate hygiene, leakproof garments, will now be led by Essity on a worldwide scale thanks to the acquisition. Announcing the completion of its acquisition of a majority investment in Thinx, Inc., a market disruptor and the market leader in the category of reusable period and incontinence underwear, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the inventor of menstrual hygiene products, made the announcement in February 2022.

The period pant market is highly fragmented, with a variety of manufacturers offering their own distinctive selections of period panties, which include high-waisted, low-rise, thongs, and boy shorts. Additionally, some are made for light flow while others are for heavier days. The period pant market is anticipated to expand in the upcoming years as more women become aware of the advantages of wearing them. In addition, the fierce level of competition encourages designers to come up with new styles and patterns while also putting pressure on manufacturers to lower their prices.

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Influencing Trend:

  • The market for period pants is expected to develop as a result of the rising popularity of environmentally friendly and sustainable period items, product line expansion, and marketing to younger audiences. Period panties and other reusable, sustainable options are becoming more popular as people become more conscious of the negative environmental effects of disposable menstrual items.
  • Additionally, in response to the rising demand for period panties, many companies have been growing their product lines to include more options for various body types, flow levels, and styles. Additionally, companies have begun marketing to younger audiences, such as teenagers and young adults, by highlighting the ease and convenience of period panties.
  • In order to cultivate brand loyalty among consumers over the course of their lives, this is done. The market for period panties is expanding as a result of several major trends.

Market Growth Drivers:

  • The market for period panties is expanding due to the three C’s of comfort, cost-effectiveness, and convenience. Because they can be worn alone or in addition to other menstrual products, period panties offer a practical alternative to traditional pads and tampons. This is especially useful for women who lead busy lives, and period panties are typically made of soft, breathable fabrics that are intended to be comfortable to wear.
  • For women who find conventional sanitary pads uncomfortable, this might be a major selling feature. In addition, since period panties are reusable, they may end up being more affordable in the long run than standard menstrual supplies, even though they initially cost more. As a result of fewer disposable pad purchases, they can eventually save users money. The market for period pants is being driven primarily by these factors.


  • The constraints that prevent the market for period panties from expanding include a lack of awareness, competition from standard menstrual products, and a high upfront cost.
  • Due to the stigma associated with menstruation in many cultures, there is still a lack of awareness of period panties among many people, especially in some areas of the world.
  • Brands must work to normalize conversations about periods and remove some of the obstacles that keep people from considering new menstrual products. In addition, the upfront cost of buying several pairs of panties may be a deterrent for some customers.

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Frequently Asked Question

Q1: What is the current market size for the Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear) Market?

A: According to HTF MI, the global period panties (menstrual underwear) market, which is presently valued at USD104.5 Million, is predicted to increase by 13.08% by 2028 and could reach the size of USD218.52 Million.

Q2: What are the key segments of the Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear) Market?

A: The Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear) Market can be segmented based on Offering by Application (Women (25-50), Girls (15-24)) by Type (Brief, Boyshort, Hi-Waist, Others) by Material (Bamboo Cotton, Cotton) by Size (Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large) by Sales Channel (Online, Offline) and by Geography (North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, MEA)

Q3: Who are the key players in the Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear) Market?

A: Some of the key players in the Period Panties (Menstrual Underwear) Market include THINX Inc. (United States), PantyProp (United States), Knixwear (Canada), Lunapads International (Canada), Modibodi (United States), Anigan (United States), DEAR KATE (United States), Adira (India), Fannypants (United States), WUKA (United Kingdom).

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