Pet Beds Market Overview & Growth Rate Forecast for Next 5 Years |Petmate, Scruffs, Trixie

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Updated · Jun 29, 2023

Pet Beds Market Overview & Growth Rate Forecast for Next 5 Years |Petmate, Scruffs, Trixie

Published Via 11Press : According to HTF MI Latest Report, The Global Pet Beds Market is expected to see a growth rate of 6.6% and may see a market size of USD 8.19 Billion by 2028, currently pegged at USD 4.32 Billion.

Pet beds are painstakingly created dozing or resting regions for creatures that give them backing, solace, and a confidential spot to loosen up. To oblige various types of pets, including canines, felines, and little creatures like hares or guinea pigs, pet beds arrive in different sizes, shapes, and materials. These beds give pets a warm, safe, and inviting shelter where they might unwind. Pet beds are urgent for protecting the general prosperity of creatures since they give them a particular region to rest and rest. They give many benefits, including as better rest, diminished joint and solid agony, protection from the cold deck, and guard against allergens and vermin. Moreover, pet beds give a particular region for shedding and aid assigned space to contain fur. Pet people are searching for tough, great pet beds that will give their appreciated creatures the most ideal solace. There are numerous producers and brands in the pet bed market, and they are all enticement for the different sizes, tastes, and lives of pets. The market offers a few items to fit the requests of different pets and their proprietors, going from traditional pad-style beds to muscular adaptable padding choices.

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Major Developments Activities in the Market:

On 25th October 2021, Platinum Equity declared the securing of Cosmic Pet, a main creator, advertiser, and wholesaler of pet items, including toys, beds, chokers and chains, treats, feeders and bowls, and different frills. Grandiose Pet will be joined by the Platinum Value portfolio organization Petmate. Monetary terms were not revealed. On 11th January 2021, Dog Cloud Bed sent off the remedial rubbing muscular bed for canines. Licensed innovation gets the best back rub treatment to an inventive canine bed with a going with a cell phone application to assist canines with feeling their best. Dog Cloud Bed is a restorative back rub bed for canines that works on their personal satisfaction, permitting both canine and proprietor to improve with age together. Demonstrated after medicinally demonstrated rub gadgets, these beds offer three-layered licensed restorative back rub frameworks that tenderly assuage uneasiness related to joint inflammation and joint agony.

Pet Beds Market

Pet Beds Market Key Players

Below are the most prominent enterprise Pet Beds industry players.

  • Petmate (United States)
  • FurHaven Pet Products (United States)
  • K&H Pet Products (United States)
  • Midwest Homes for Pets (United States)
  • Scruffs (United Kingdom)
  • Danish Design (United Kingdom)
  • Trixie (Germany)
  • Ferplast (Italy)
  • Pecute (China)

Pet Beds Market Key Business Segments

By Product Type

  • Standard
  • Nest
  • Orthopedic
  • Hot/Cool

By End Use Application

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor

Market Growth Drivers

  • The interest in pet beds is to a great extent driven by the increasing pace of pet people all over the planet. The requirement for comfortable, assigned dozing regions for pets ascends as additional individuals bring pets into their homes. The interest in premium pet beds is additionally being driven by pet people’s rising familiarity with the solace and soundness of their pets.
  • Pet people know about the meaning of giving their dearest companions a comfortable and strong dozing space to support sound rest and general prosperity. Furthermore, the inclination toward refining pets has raised the interest in very good quality and individualized pet things, similar to pet beds.
  • Pet people are ready to burn through cash on appealing, dependable beds that supplement their inside plan and give the most ideal solace to their creatures. Furthermore, the market is being driven by the accessibility of an expansive assortment of pet bed options, including muscular beds, warm beds, and eco-accommodating beds, which take care of the extraordinary requirements and inclinations of pet people.

Influencing Trends

  • Orthopedic and memory foam pet beds are turning out to be more famous, especially with older creatures and creatures who have joint issues. These beds give pets more help and solace, bringing about better rest and general health.
  • The developing acknowledgment of novel and multipurpose pet beds, for example, sleeping cushions that can be changed into enclosures or transporters for movement, is another prominent pattern. This example represents the interest in versatile pet things that offer common sense and accommodation.
  • One more creating a pattern is the joining of innovation. Models incorporate savvy pet beds with temperature control or movement observing elements. The pet area, particularly pet beds, has been altogether influenced by the growing online entertainment presence.
  • The interest in stylishly wonderful and outwardly engaging pet beds that are Instagrammable has expanded because of pet people sharing their pets’ encounters and ways of life via online entertainment destinations like Instagram and Facebook.

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Major Development in the Pet Beds Market

Report Highlights

Report Attributes Details
CAGR 6.6 %
Market Forecast (2029) USD 8.19 Bn
Current Market Size (2022) USD 4.32 Bn
Dominating Segment Indoor
Major Players Profiled Petmate (US), FurHaven Pet Products (United States), K&H Pet Products (United States), Midwest Homes for Pets (US), Scruffs (UK), Danish Design (United Kingdom), Trixie (Germany), Ferplast (Italy), Pecute (China)
Base Year 2022



  • The pet bed market faces huge difficulties from evaluating pressure. Buyers’ cost responsiveness and the overflow of choices at different price tags put the squeeze on producers to give low costs without forfeiting quality.
  • The market additionally faces difficulties with regard to the quality and life span of the items. Pet people expect their beds for their creatures to be durable, cleanable, and impervious to disintegration. Makers might find it trying to fulfill these needs while keeping up with practical creation.
  • Resolving the issue of stinky canine beds is one more obstacle for the pet bed industry. Because of their normal body oils, sweat, and uncommon mishaps, canines can create aromas. Terrible smells can foster after some time because of these scents saturating the pet beds’ texture or froth.
  • Pet beds that smell safe, are easy to clean, and keep new should be presented by makers to meet this issue.

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