Plastic Waste Management Market is Booming Worldwide | Veolia, SUEZ, Republic Services, Biffa

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Updated · Jul 16, 2023

Plastic Waste Management Market is Booming Worldwide | Veolia, SUEZ, Republic Services, Biffa

Published Via 11Press : The most recent research analysis on “Plastic Waste Management Market Growth 2022-2029” released by HTF Market Intelligence discusses tactical business decisions and strategic planning that affect and stabilize the development outlook in the plastic waste management market. However, a few disruptive developments will have opposite and significant effects on the growth of the global plastic waste management market as well as the distribution of competitors. To offer more explanation as to why certain trends in the Plastic Waste Management market would have a significant impact and how players like Veolia (France), Waste Management Inc. (United States), SUEZ (France), Clean Harbours Inc. (United States), Republic Services Inc. (United States), and Biffa (United Kingdom) can take these trends into account in their strategic planning. (American) Covanta Holding Corporation DS Smith PLC (United Kingdom), Advanced Disposal Services Inc. (United States), Renewi PLC (Netherlands), Stericycle Inc. (United States), REMONDIS SE & Co. KG (Germany), and Stericycle Inc.

Plastic Waste Management Industry Background: Plastic waste management is a methodical approach to processing, reducing, and disposing of plastic rubbish in a way that benefits the environment. End users of plastic waste management include people, houses, businesses, industries, and governmental organizations. Successful plastic waste management is fueled by increased public awareness of the environmental implications, more stringent regulation, and company sustainability initiatives. But there are still a number of challenges, such as inadequate infrastructure, a lack of recycling facilities, and low recycling rates. Opportunities are presented by the creation of innovative recycling technologies, the adoption of circular economy concepts, and the emergence of eco-friendly plastic substitutes. Trends in the management of plastic waste include the promotion of the concepts of reduction, reuse, and recycling, the switch to biodegradable polymers, and the growth in consumer demand for sustainable packaging options. Policymakers, trash management companies, environmental organizations, businesses, and consumers are among the groups that plastic waste management is intended for.

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Due to investments and R&D advancements, the industry in the area has been growing at a sustainable rate, and more growth is anticipated throughout the projection period or 2023–2028. A number of large companies, including Waste Management Inc. (United States), Veolia (France), SUEZ (France), Clean Harbours Inc. (United States), Republic Services Inc. (United States), Biffa (United Kingdom), Stericycle Inc. (United States), Covanta Holding Corporation (United States), REMONDIS SE & Co. KG (Germany), Advanced Disposal, Renewi PLC (Netherlands).


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Regulatory Insights:

Influencing Trend:

  • The use of biodegradable and compostable plastics, the promotion of the “reduce, reuse, and recycle” philosophy, and the rise in demand for environmentally friendly packaging are all current trends in the management of plastic waste.
  • Governments, businesses, and individuals are switching to less-polluting, more sustainable alternatives.
  • A growing number of people are interested in using biodegradable and compostable polymers as alternatives to conventional plastics.
  • Additionally, there is a growing need for innovative recycling techniques and eco-friendly packaging materials to complete the cycle of managing plastic trash.

Market Growth Drivers:

  • Stronger waste management laws and policies, more public awareness of the environmental effects of plastic garbage, and company sustainability initiatives are driving improvements in plastic rubbish management.
  • The significance of preventing plastic pollution has been emphasized in public awareness campaigns and educational initiatives, inspiring individuals and communities to engage in ethical waste management.
  • Governments and regulatory bodies have enacted stricter rules, such as plastic bag bans and extended producer responsibility programs, to encourage recycling and minimize plastic waste.
  • To satisfy consumer expectations and enhance their environmental credentials, businesses are also recognizing the significance of sustainability and employing waste management techniques.


  • The management of plastic trash is hampered by a number of reasons, such as inadequate waste management infrastructure, limited recycling facilities and technologies, and low recycling rates.
  • The absence of infrastructure in many places makes it difficult to collect, classify, and treat garbage efficiently, which leads to improper waste disposal and plastic pollution.
  • In addition, the complexity of plastic waste streams and limited market demand for recovered plastics are challenges that the recycling industry must overcome.
  • Effective management of plastic trash is challenging due to low recycling rates, which are aggravated by a lack of widespread recycling infrastructure and technological advancements.

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The primary interviews and data collected as per the below protocols: • C-Level, D-Level, Others by Designation • Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 companies, by Company Type Primary Data Secondary sets of data were gathered from sources like Annual reports, Press releases, Analyst meetings, Conference calls, Investor presentations, Management comments, SEC filings of Plastic Waste Management firms, Regulatory Sites, Associations, the World Bank, etc.

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