Real Estate and Property Management Services Market to Witness Huge Growth by 2029: Greystar, Colliers, Winn

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Updated · Jun 26, 2023

Real Estate and Property Management Services Market to Witness Huge Growth by 2029: Greystar, Colliers, Winn

Published Via 11Press : Real estate & property management services refer to the day-to-day administration of a residential, commercial, or industrial real estate by a third-party contractor. In general, property managers are responsible for daily repairs as well as ongoing security, maintenance, and upkeep of properties. They also take care of the property and follow all local landlord and real estate board regulations. Construction, indoor and outdoor cleaning, and preventative maintenance are additional responsibilities for the real estate & property management services firm. Owners may be forced to pay a fee or a percentage of the rent collected while a property is being managed. For a number of reasons, property owners use real estate & property management services. Some landlords may have a significant portfolio of rental homes, but they might not have the skills or time to manage the homes and deal with the tenants. Property owners who take part in affordable housing programs usually employ these services. The second-largest trend is the blurring of the lines between multifamily and hospitality enterprises. Increasingly, we’ve seen that rental properties are becoming more like Airbnbs. As the real estate market grows more competitive due to migration and uncertain economic conditions, the necessity for real estate applications increases. Despite the fact that this pattern can make renting a house more simple for renters, it also portends more competition for property management firms.

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Attributes Details
Study Period 2018-2028
Base Year 2022
Forecast Period 2023-2029
Value Unit USD (M)
Customization in Scope With the purchase of the Real Estate & Property Management Services Market report, receive customization. Subject to expediency, you can include or modify a nation, or area, or acquire a more detailed segmentation in the final output.

The report offers Major leading Key players:

  • Greystar
  • BH Management Services
  • Colliers International
  • Lincoln Property Company
  • Apartment Management Consultants
  • Buildium
  • Winn Companies
  • Vacasa
  • CBRE

By Application:

  • Residential
  • Commercial

Real Estate & Property Management Services

Key Developments in the Market:

  • On March 30, 2023, Valet Living, the industry’s top provider of residential amenities for multifamily housing, announced a nationwide partnership with BH Management Services (BH), a top-ten property management company and pioneer in the multifamily housing business. BH is one of the largest multifamily organizations in the nation, managing more than 100,000 homes, and Valet Living offers amenity services for more than half of BH’s portfolio.
  • The arrangement covers a variety of facilities and services, including Valet Living Doorstep, Torch Fitness, and Quick Turns. Additionally, it prolongs for a number of years the long-standing alliance between Valet Living and BH. Living Valet Members’ on-property lifestyle is improved with Doorstep, a waste and recycling pickup service, and Torch exercise, on-site group fitness classes. In a competitive and increasing industry, particularly one where services are usually equivalent, it is becoming more and more difficult for the participants to ensure that their company stands apart.
  • However, in the real estate & property management services sector, a company’s reputation, or how customers see it as a service provider, is the primary distinction. Since a significant portion of a real estate & property management services company’s work is dedicated to managing relationships between owners, tenants, and vendors, maintaining good relationships with all of these stakeholders and placing a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction is necessary for the business to establish credibility in the industry.
  • The major businesses are emphasizing the creation of an online platform for both routine business activities and client interaction. For success in such a competitive climate, a solid marketing plan is necessary.
  • Nowadays, the majority of potential customers will conduct online research, thus having a professionally designed website with all necessary contact information, lead-generating tools, and a social media presence are essential components of an online strategy.

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Regulatory Insights:

  • The Federal Property Management Regulations (FPMR) have been replaced by the Federal Management Regulation (FMR). It includes revised regulatory guidelines that were previously contained in the FPMR. It does not, however, provide any FPMR materials that explain how to work with the General Services Administration (GSA).
  • The GSA provides customer service manuals, handbooks, pamphlets, and websites with “how to” information on these and other topics. The FMR establishes guidelines for property management and associated administrative tasks.
  • The FMR is issued by GSA in order to carry out the functional duties assigned to the Administrator of General Services by applicable laws, executive orders, presidential memoranda, OMB circulars and bulletins, and other policy directives.

Influencing Trend:

  • One of the most recent technological advancements in real estate & property management services is the building management system (BMS). These software solutions enable real estate organizations to monitor and control the physical environment of a building. Using real estate & property management services software, certain property management tasks, such as organizing maintenance work or controlling the flow of individuals into specific areas, may also be automated.
  • Even if this is already an emerging trend, the current obsession with artificial intelligence has only heightened the demand for cutting-edge real estate & property management services.
  • Along with reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks, these services may operate as your right-hand man in everyday operations. More than two-thirds of property managers presently employ a resident portal, electronic payments, tenant screening, property management software, and document sharing.
  • Immersive technologies provide prospective buyers with an immersive 3D view of a property by utilizing the capabilities of virtual or augmented reality. Their ability to envision living there is aided by this. To enable customers to examine a range of houses from anywhere, several real estate agents now provide potential clients with virtual tours of their residences.

Market Growth Drivers:

  • The need for real estate and property management services has increased as a result of the growth in property building. Real estate and property management services have increased as a result of the real estate and property sector’s progressive transition from an unorganized to a structured industry.
  • The commercialization of preserving property and assets is essential in this century since rapid urbanization necessitates the services of real estate and property management to maintain the property in a formalized manner.
  • Since the sector is experiencing rapid development and revenue increases, good asset management is crucial for obtaining the best returns on investment. Cities have a higher rate of property rental, higher rent costs, and a need for real estate and property management services.


  • It’s difficult to avoid reading about inflation, a looming recession, and a difficult labor market. These economic upheavals, which are anticipated to endure for some time, have an effect on real estate and property management services.
  • Thus, cutting costs within their operations may be a goal for many organizations. One of the most challenging challenges property management must face is the increase in extra expenses brought on by taking on new projects.
  • Contractors must be paid, mistakes are made, and tenants keep complaining. The laws and regulations governing the real estate industry are continually being updated, and occasionally there are severe penalties for breaching them. It’s difficult to keep up with these regulatory changes as they happen.
  • To keep up with regulatory changes, efficient and technologically based measures must be adopted. Narrowing down what is relevant to the property may easily overwhelm property managers, yet ignoring these modifications might result in severe fines.

Real Estate & Property Management Services Market Study Data Sources

  • For the Real Estate & Property Management Services Market, HTF MI has employed a targeted and practical research approach that enables study of the pertinent market dynamics in many global regions. Our analysts also undertake thorough analyses of specific geographic areas in order to give customers and companies the chance to lead in new markets and grow in developed ones for real estate and property management services.
  • The analysis of the global real estate and property management services business also demonstrate how the shifting player dynamics affect the market’s expansion. Our market researchers also do a thorough analysis of the goods and services provided by various companies in the Real Estate & Property Management Services sector that are vying for market control and presence.
  • main techniques for gathering data For the Real Estate & Property Management Services Market study, participants and appointees from the industry, subject-matter experts, and C-level executives used LinkedIn Groups, InMail, Google, Survey Monkey, and other professional forums to collect primary data.

The first interviews and data were gathered in accordance with the protocols listed below:

  • C-Level, D-Level, and Other Designations
  • Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, By Company Type Secondary data sources, included Conference calls, Annual reports, Analyst meetings, Press releases, Management statements, Investor presentations, and SEC filings of Real Estate & Property Management Services players, as well as Associations, Regulatory Sites, the World Bank, etc.

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The Report’s personalization

  • Real Estate & Property Management Services Influencing Trends HTF MI offers not only precise market projections but also large value-added comments. Technical Innovations and Trends
  • Property management services and real estate Growth drivers and constraints are included in market life cycle indicators.
  • Barriers to entry and exit for new entrants in the real estate and property management services markets
  • To Seize major Market probability
  • Determine Market Position, Key Business Segments, and Gap Analysis
  • In light of this difficult backdrop, a study on real estate and property management services sheds light on the current situation and essential features of the market. The Real Estate & Property Management Services business players were surveyed by analysts from HTF MI to put an end to this. Understanding why and how the Real Estate & Property Management Services business is anticipated to evolve is based on the snapshot that results.
  • the future direction of the real estate and property management services sector. Financial research, interviews, and surveys with industry professionals are used to glean insights.
  • How can each business in this broad group of actors negotiate the new aggressive environment to position themselves to maintain the value they now assert or seize the new addressable chance?

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