Real-Time Bidding Market Massive Growth opportunity Ahead | Smaato, Facebook, PubMatic

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Updated · May 03, 2023

Real-Time Bidding Market Massive Growth opportunity Ahead | Smaato, Facebook, PubMatic

Published Via 11Press : The Global Real-Time Bidding Market is expected to see a growth rate of 32.9 % and may see a market size of USD 27.2 Billion by 2028, currently pegged at USD 6.6 Billion.

Real-time bidding (RTB) is a digital advertising method that allows advertisers to bid for ad impressions in real time. The process involves an auction in which ad inventory is made available for purchase to the highest bidder. RTB enables advertisers to target their audiences more precisely and measure the performance of their ads more accurately.

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Real-Time Bidding Market Key Players

Below are the most prominent enterprise Real-Time Bidding industry players.

  • Google (United States)
  • WPP (United Kingdom)
  • Adobe (United States)
  • Criteo (France)
  • Facebook (United States)
  • Smaato (United States)
  • Yandex (Russia)
  • PubMatic (United States)
  • Salesforce (United States)
  • Rubicon Project (United States)


Real-Time Bidding Market Key Business Segments

By Product Type

  • Open Auction
  • Invited Auction

By End Use Application

  • E-commerce Ads
  • Travel Ads
  • Game Ads

Real-Time Bidding Market Regional Analysis

On the basis of geography, the market of Real-Time Bidding has been broken down by

  • North America [United States, Canada]
  • South America [Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Others]
  • Europe [Germany, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, the Nordics, Benelux, Spain, Italy, Rest of Europe]
  • Southeast Asia
  • APAC- excl. Southeast Asia [China, Japan, India, Australia, Others]
  • MEA [South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel, Nigeria, Others]

North America region held the largest market share in the year 2022. Europe on the other hand stood as the second largest market due to the presence of key companies in the region and high technological advancement.

  • North America is projected to lead the Real-Time Bidding market with the United States and Canada being major contributors in terms of driving revenue for this market segment in this region.
  • Europe is seen as an attractive market for Real-Time Bidding during the projected year of 2023-2029. Countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany & France hold the majority of market share contributions in the region.
  • The study also provides granularity by Southeast Asian countries. It is anticipated to experience rapid growth in Real-Time Bidding Market, which could be the fastest-growing market in the near time.
  • Other Major Asian Economies that are included in the Real-Time Bidding market study are China, Japan, India, and Australia.
  • Central & South American market is experiencing a good amount of Investors’ attention – Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina are seen as ‘Red Hot’ Market in this region.
  • Middle East: This region is projected to experience explosive growth in the Real-Time Bidding market majorly dominated by the UAE, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), and Turkey as major Countries dominating in this area.
  • Africa: This region still needs to gain traction, however, South Africa is playing dominating role followed by Nigeria.

 Market Growth Drivers

  • Automatic promoting the rising fame of automatic publicizing and the shift towards robotization is driving the development of the RTB market Combined with Designated publicizing RTB empowers sponsors to target explicit crowds with their advertisements, expanding the productivity and viability of their promoting spend impels the market forward. Information-driven publicizing the accessibility of huge measures of information and the utilization of cutting-edge calculations to break down that information are driving the development of RTB and information driven promoting. Versatile publicizing the developing utilization of cell phones and the expansion in portable promotion spend is driving the development of the RTB market for versatile promoting.
  • Video publicizing the developing notoriety of video promoting is likewise driving the development of RTB in the video promotion space. Expansion in web-based publicizing spending the general expansion in internet-promoting spend and the shift from customary publicizing to computerized promoting are driving the development of the RTB market.

Influencing Trends

  • Simulated intelligence and AI is the key pattern driving the market development. The utilization of man-made brainpower (computer based intelligence) and AI calculations to enhance RTB crusades is turning out to be progressively famous. Cross-gadget focusing on: RTB is being utilized to target clients across various gadgets, like work areas, PCs, cell phones, and tablets, to give a consistent promotion experience.
  • Security and information security With expanded examination of information security and security, RTB stages are putting resources into measures to guarantee the assurance of buyer information. In-lodging Promoters are progressively taking automatic publicizing in-house, lessening their dependence on outsider RTB stages. Associated television RTB is being utilized to target customers on associated television gadgets, like savvy televisions and streaming gadgets, as the market for associated television promoting develops.


  • The Continuous Offering Business sector the norm and key attributes. To end this, Investigators at HTF Market Insight sort out and took reviews of the Ongoing Offering industry players. The resultant preview fills in as a reason for understanding the reason why and how the business can be anticipated to change.
  • Where Continuous Offering industry is going and what are the first concerns? Bits of knowledge is drawn from the monetary investigation, reviews, and meetings with key leaders and industry specialists. — How each organization in this different arrangement of players can best explore the arising rivalry scene and follow a methodology that assists them with situating to hold the worth they presently guarantee or catch the new addressable open door?


  • Promotion misrepresentation restricts market development RTB is powerless against advertisement extortion, for example, bot traffic, which can bring down the nature of advertisement impressions and abate promoter trust in the stage. Information security the utilization of shopper information in RTB raises protection concerns and can prompt expanded guidelines and limitations combined with the Absence of normalization hampers the market development, the absence of normalization in RTB can prompt a divided and complex commercial center, making it challenging for sponsors to explore and utilize RTB successfully.
  • Promotion obstructing the rising utilization of advertisement blockers can diminish the range and effect of RTB promotions. Brand well-being RTB might possibly open promoters to undesirable substances and conditions, prompting brand security concerns. Promotion perceptibility RTB depends on promotion impressions being seen by buyers, and issues with advertisement visibility can bring down the worth of RTB impressions. HTF Market Knowledge follows an engaged and practical examination structure that gives the capacity to concentrate on the essential market elements in a few districts across the world. Besides, a top-to-bottom evaluation is generally directed by our experts on geological areas to give clients and organizations the potential chance to rule in specialty advertises and grow in developing business sectors across the globe.
  • This statistical surveying concentrate likewise grandstands the unexpectedly changing players scene affecting the development of the market. Moreover, our economic scientists widely dissect the items and administrations presented by various players contending to build their portion of the overall industry and presence.


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Major Development in the Real-Time Bidding Market

Report Highlights

Report Attributes Details
CAGR 32.9 %
Market Forecast (2029) USD 27.2 Billion
Current Market Size (2022) USD 6.6 Billion
Dominating Segment Open Auction
Major Players Profiled Google (United States), WPP (United Kingdom), Adobe (United States), Criteo (France), Facebook (United States), Smaato (United States), Yandex (Russia), PubMatic (United States), Salesforce (United States), Rubicon Project (United States)
Base Year 2022

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: What is the current market size for the Real-Time Bidding Market?

A: According to a report by, the Real-Time Bidding Market was valued at USD 6.6 Billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 27.2 Billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 32.9% during the forecast period.

Q2: What are the key segments of the Real-Time Bidding Market?

A: The Global Real-Time Bidding Market Breakdown by Application (E-commerce Ads, Travel Ads, Game Ads, Others) by Type (Open Auction, Invited Auction) and by Geography (North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, MEA).

Q3: Who are the key players in the Real-Time Bidding Market?

A: Some of the key players in the Real-Time Bidding Market include Google (United States), WPP (United Kingdom), Adobe (United States), Criteo (France), Facebook (United States), Smaato (United States), Yandex (Russia), PubMatic (United States), Salesforce (United States), Rubicon Project (United States) Key Players.

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