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Updated · May 12, 2023

Published Via 11Press : According to HTF Market Intelligence, the market for Serious Game is expected to register a CAGR of 18.7% during the forecast period to 2029.

A serious game, usually referred to as an applied game, is made with something other than sheer enjoyment in mind. Video games that are employed in fields like disaster management, city planning, engineering, politics, and the arts are frequently described with the adverb “serious” in the media.

Serious games are a kind of serious storytelling in which narrative is utilised “outside of the context of entertainment, where the narration progresses as a sequence of patterns of impressive quality and is part of a thoughtful progression.” The idea is similar to simulation in general, such in aviation simulation or medical simulation, but it emphasises the extra pedagogical benefit of fun and competitiveness.

Games classified as serious offer functions other than just amusement. However, what are these?Numerous industries and businesses, including those in education, healthcare, marketing, and other sectors, use serious gaming. The benefits of being amusing, captivating, and engrossing are advantages of serious games.

Serious games combine gaming aspects, information and structures, and learning methodologies to teach specific skills, knowledge, and attitudes. By combining challenges and incentives with the fun and engagement elements offered by games, they are meant to address issues in a range of fields. Games are used to educate particular subjects through gamified activities and simulations. This method may be used by students to study maths or a new language, for instance.

By converting workouts into game activities, games are also employed in rehabilitation. Medical procedure training in a simulated setting is another use in healthcare. Encourage individuals to engage in a sustainability initiative or alter their behaviour. Consulting companies are increasingly using serious games to teach and explain collaboration as well as social and logistic dynamics in workplaces. These are only a few examples of serious gaming applications.

Additionally, they are employed by the government to increase social awareness as well as by the military for training, marketing to attract and keep customers, and various types of research.

Serious Game Market

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Attributes Details
Study Period -2029
Base Year 2022
Unit Value (USD Million)
Key Companies Profiled Playgen [United Kingdom] Innovataion Games [United States] Caspian [United States] Virtual Heroes [United States] Morf Media [United States] BreakAway [United States] Blitz Games [United Kingdom] Square Enix [Japan] ESim Games [United States] Designing Digitally [United States]
  • Serious games are a big industry driver in the healthcare sector since they assist in resolving patient mental health-related problems. These games are also used by consulting firms to instruct their clients on the social and logistical facets of their industry. Serious games are now being included in educational training programmes thanks to financing from several government organisations, which is helping the business grow.
  • A discernible market trend is seen on a global scale. The global serious game market is fragmented and specialised. Despite the fact that this sector is still developing, several businesses operate in it. In this developing industry, several firms are joining, and those who are already there are growing their product offerings.

Key Developments in the Market:

  • ZeniMax Media and video game publisher Bethesda Software were bought by Microsoft in 2020. The Elder Scrolls and Fallout are only two of the top video game titles that Bethesda has created. They also have an incredible portfolio of technology and skill. The acquisition’s goal is to provide exclusive games that are available across all platforms.
  • Google introduced a brand-new tool in 2021 called Game Builder that enables anyone to make their own 3D games without knowing any programming. Google developed the educational game “Game Builder Garage” to promote the service and show users how to utilise the platform to make their own games.

Regulatory Insights:

  • Serious games can be a valuable tool for government agencies to educate the public and enforce regulations. When it comes to government regulations, serious games can be used in several ways to promote compliance and increase awareness.
  • One way that serious games can be used is to help individuals and organizations understand the complexities of regulations and compliance requirements. For example, a serious game could be created to simulate a workplace environment and provide interactive scenarios that teach players about compliance requirements and how to follow them. This could be especially useful in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, finance, and energy.

Influencing Trend:

  • Development of new technology such as Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) has made the serious games more engaging, efficient, and cost effective.
  • Growing trend of serious game apps in various social issues poverty, employment, pollution etc. helps to create awareness among the users. Increased use of smartphones and tablets increases the use of serious game as they can be easily accessible anywhere and anytime.
  • Serious games are personalized and specified according to individual learners’ ability. These adaptive learning methods help to monitor individual user’s progress.

Market Growth Drivers:

  • The need for serious games is being driven by the expanding usage of interactive and interesting teaching tools across several organisations and sectors. Comparatively speaking, serious games provide a more engaging and effective learning environment than standard classroom instruction.
  • The worldwide market for serious games has a chance to expand due to consumers’ growing interest in gaming and user experiences that are similar to games. Gamification has expanded into the serious game business.
  • Serious games are a big industry driver in the healthcare sector since they assist in resolving patient mental health-related problems. These games are also used by consulting firms to instruct their clients on the social and logistical facets of their industry.


  • The expansion of the market is hampered by a lack of understanding of the benefits and utilisation of serious games. Many potential users are unaware of the distinction between serious games and conventional amusement games.
  • Serious game development is time- and money-consuming. This problem may slow market expansion since consumers won’t be able to purchase such pricey educational materials. Since serious games offer a lot of customization options, it can be challenging for service providers to grow their businesses. Since working on multiple technologies is not effectively developed, integrating serious games with other technologies like virtual reality is challenging. Making serious games attractive and engaging is difficult for developers since it necessitates a thorough grasp of the target audience.


  • The growth of the serious gaming sector requires a high level of technological competence, which can be a barrier for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • The market’s expansion may be hampered by resistance to switching from traditional training techniques to serious gaming. Due to the high development costs of these games, many firms obtain very little money, which can be difficult for those without access to alternate funding sources.
  • It is challenging to quantify the influence and efficacy of serious games due to a lack of standards and assessment techniques.


  • The market for serious games has a chance to expand since there is an increase in the demand for user-friendly and entertaining platforms across sectors including education, healthcare, training, and sustainability.
  • The popularity of mobile-based applications is growing, which is driving up demand for very interactive serious games. The game’s design contributes to the player’s greater involvement and immersion, which increases consumer knowledge and business income. A virtual and secure environment free from harm is another benefit of serious games.

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