Stereotactic frames Market Growth Holds Strong: Adeor, Elekta, Micromar

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Updated · May 22, 2023

Published Via 11Press : According to HTF Market Intelligence, the Global Stereotactic frames market is expected to see a growth rate of 2.6% and may see a market size of USD362.5 Million by 2028. The Market is currently pegged at USD310.4 Million.

The most recent market research study on the global stereotactic frames market, published by HTF MI, analyses the risk side, points up prospects, and makes use of both strategic and tactical decision-making help. Information on industry growth and trends, economic drivers, technological advancements, and the market for stereotactic frames’ shifting investment structure are all provided in the study. Adeor (Germany), Elekta (Sweden), Harbin Howell Medical Apparatus and Instruments Co (China), Inomed Medizintechnik (Germany), Micromar (Brazil), Mizuho Medical (Japan), Teris Medical (Canada), Shenzhen Anke High-Tech (China), Mevion Medical Systems (United States), and Varian Medical Systems (United States) are just a few of the companies that manufacture medical equipment.

What is Stereotactic frames?

The self-tapping screws used in stereotactic frames are mounted on movable fixed posts, allowing the head and frame to move together. When a needle, probe, electrode, or other microsurgical instruments with a standard length of roughly 190 mm is properly fitted, the frame also includes an arc that is intended to ensure that the active point of the instrument is always at the precise centre of the arc. The instrument carrier can be precisely positioned at any point along the semi-circular arc’s curve, which has a scale etched with the numbers 0 to 170. In order to further increase the flexibility of the angle of entry, the arc may also be rotated around its point of fixation. A few of the frames additionally have indicator boxes affixed on them that provide inspection reports that are picked up by the scanner and shown in front of the portrayed brain tissue on each image. Additionally, adapters are employed to keep the patient rigid and to stabilise them in the imaging modalities.

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Market Overview:

In September 2020, Plymouth, Minnesota-based Monteris Medical raised $9 million in dollars. The money originated from a single investor, according to Monteris’ Form D, which he submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission today.

Major Companies Featured in This Report

  • Adeor (Germany)
  • Elekta (Sweden)
  • Harbin Howell Medical Apparatus and Instruments Co (China)
  • Inomed Medizintechnik (Germany)
  • Micromar (Brazil)
  • Mizuho Medical (Japan)
  • Monteris Medical (Canada)
  • Shenzhen Anke High-Tech (China)

By Type

  • Simple Orthogonal
  • Burr Hole-Mounted
  • Arc-Quadrant
  • Arc-Phantom

By Application

  • Biopsies
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Others

Influencing Trend:

  • Stereoscopic Brain Biopsies’ Safety: Improving Stereotactic brain needle biopsies are recommended for patients with deep-seated or numerous Genius lesions, as well as for patients with poor prognoses in whom the risks of resection outweigh the potential benefits.
  • Fluorescence imaging, spectroscopy, and label-free imaging techniques are some of the technology trends now being used in stereotactic biopsy probe plans. Future advancements in neuro-oncology stereotactic biopsy techniques will include the use of optical probes for real-time vessel detection along and around the biopsy needle trajectory as well as in vivo confirmation of the diagnostic tumour tissue prior to pattern acquisition.
  • The risks of resection outweigh the likely impact advantages in cases of deep-seated or multiple Genius lesions, as well as in patients with poor prognoses.
  • A recent systematic review and evidence-based scientific exercise tenet that looked at the role of stereotactic Genius biopsies for low-grade gliomas provided stage III proof in favour of Genius biopsies and encouraged surgeons to consider the use of better imaging techniques to increase diagnostic accuracy.

Market Growth Drivers:

  • Stereotactic surgery for neurosurgeries is becoming more popular Because to an Increase in Arteriovenous Malformations Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), endovascular embolization, and microsurgery are all necessary components of a multidisciplinary approach to treating arteriovenous malformations (AVMs).
  • Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are incredibly unusual brain lesions that can cause severe neurological morbidity in young people. Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), microsurgery, and endovascular embolization are all necessary components of the multidisciplinary treatment plan for cerebral AVMs.
  • For the complete and irreversible removal of the majority of these lesions, surgical resection continues to be the standard treatment. Administration of nonsurgical AVMs uses endovascular embolization and SRS more and more frequently. SRS is a safe and effective primary treatment option for tiny lesions that are frequently deep and/or in conspicuous areas. In specific situations, targeted endovascular embolization of the AVM is advised if it has bled since it may also reduce the risk of hemorrhage and remove radioresistant regions from the lesion during the latency period after SRS.


  • The rate of new technology adoption is rising Because to the limited maneuverability determined by the narrow surgical fields of contemporary minimally invasive methods, neurosurgery is one of the most intricate and nuanced surgical specialties.
  • Along with jeopardizing the quality of the central and peripheral worrying device’s magnificent anatomical structures, high-precision criteria are also necessary to deliver the most therapeutic benefits. Along with general surgery, urology, gynecology, endocrine surgery, and orthopedics, recent technical advancements have enabled robotic surgery to be improved and applied in a number of other disciplines.
  • Due to its highly technical peculiarities, neurosurgery has lagged behind other specialties in terms of robotic applications, but it is by no means an exception in this regard. The clinical literature increasingly mentions the realistic use of robotic surgical treatment for the treatment of adult, pediatric, and spinal pathologies.
Attributes Details
Study Period 2018-2028
Base Year 2022
Largest Market North America
Unit (USD Million) Value
Major Companies Listed Adeor (Germany), Elekta (Sweden), Harbin Howell Medical Apparatus and Instruments Co (China), Inomed Medizintechnik (Germany), Micromar (Brazil), Mizuho Medical (Japan), Teris Medical (Canada), Shenzhen Anke High-Tech (China), Mevion Medical Systems (United States), and Varian Medical Systems (United States)
CAGR 2.6%

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Important Triggers and Transformation:

The convergence of a number of significant triggers, such as:

  • Significant changes in the cost structure and technology of the industry for stereotactic frames
  • Globalization has reached a turning point.
  • The issues with the market for stereotactic frames caused by regulatory compliance
  • A significant decline in wealthy economies
  • The stereotactic frames industry is seeing new kinds of competition.

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