Telemedicine Market Hits New High | Major Giants Medtronic, Allscripts, McKesson

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Updated · May 19, 2023

Telemedicine Market Hits New High | Major Giants Medtronic, Allscripts, McKesson

Published Via 11Press : Telemedicine is the provision of clinical services remotely using real-time, two-way electronic audio and visual contact between the patient and the healthcare professional. A hub serves as the base of operations for telemedicine and is where the remote practitioner conducts business while using a telecommunications network. Initially, specialised videoconferencing hardware as well as specialised diagnostic accessories like stethoscopes or EKG monitors were needed.

Under the remote doctor’s supervision, the patient’s healthcare practitioner would employ diagnostic instruments to gather the required patient data. Usually, a desktop computer with a specialised video card is used for telemedicine. The ability to save data safely on the computer is a benefit. High-speed telephone lines or satellite links enable communication between the two places. On the other side, the patient is at the hub or originating location and gets the service via a communications service, frequently through the use of telepresence.

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The use of services other than conventional real-time interactive telecommunication health services is covered under the widest definition of telemedicine, which encompasses a number of more specific definitions. This includes products like store-and-forward, which transmit and store camera photos while consulting over a telecommunications network. They are nonetheless helpful for therapy delivery even though they are not interactive or real-time. Remote monitoring is an additional feature of telemedicine. To link the doctor to an online, secure electronic medical record database using telemedicine, all that is needed is a camera and a secure patient portal.

Telemedicine Market Report Highlights:

Attributes Details
Study Period 2029
Base Year 2022
Unit Value (USD Million)
Key Companies Profiled Aerotel Medical, Allscripts, AMD Global Telemedicine, Resideo Technologies, Koninklijke Philips, Medtronic, IBM, McKesson Corporation
CAGR 17.63%

Market Major Segments:

By Type:

  • Telehospitals
  • Telehomes
  • mHealth (mobile health)

By Application:

  • Teleconsultation
  • Telecardiology
  • Teleradiology
  • Telepathology
  • Teledermatology
  • Tele Home Health
  • Tele oncology

The United States companies will contribute the most to the global telemedicine market’s growth over the course of the forecast period, according to a research analyst at HTF MI. Due to new methods used by participants in the Telemedicine market, it is anticipated that the rivalry would get even fiercer in the upcoming years. The telemedicine research study delivers information on the competitive environment and the product/service offerings of top firms to assist customers in increasing their revenue shares in the sector.

Leading Players are covered:

  • Aerotel Medical Systems
  • Allscripts Healthcare
  • AMD Global Telemedicine
  • Resideo Technologies
  • Honeywell
  • InTouch Technologies
  • Koninklijke
  • Medtronic
  • IBM
  • McKesson Corporation

Market Overview:

  • Amwell, a worldwide telemedicine platform, announced the purchase of two health startups in July 2021 in order to broaden the scope of its service beyond telehealth visits.
  • Conversa Health, which provides automated virtual healthcare, and SilverCould Health, a digital platform for mental health, are the two businesses it purchased.
  • The acquisition’s goal is to set Amwell apart from other telemedicine players.
  • Due to its involvement in the healthcare industry and the use of cutting-edge technology for patient care, the worldwide telemedicine market is subject to a number of regulations.
  • The US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) establishes guidelines for the safekeeping and transmission of patient data.
  • Practitioners of telemedicine must also meet the requirements for certification and licencing.
  • For specialised insurance coverage and defence against legal proceedings, medical liability and malpractice legislation are required.
  • The worldwide telemedicine market is booming as a result of the rising demand for virtual healthcare facilities, which is pushing competitors to continually innovate in order to gain a competitive edge.
  • To control the market, corporations use a variety of strategic tactics, including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, technology innovation, and many more.
  • Amwell, Doctor on Demand, Teladoc Health, and Plush Care are a few of the industry leaders.
  • Amwell offers its clients a telemedicine platform that enables consumers to interact with medical professionals for online consultations.

Influencing Trend:

  • The development of artificial intelligence has produced diagnostic tools with AI capabilities, such as symptom checkers, which are utilised in telemedicine services to provide patients with the treatment they need.
  • The telemedicine industry is being driven by innovations in mobile health (m health) services technology, such as smartphone apps, which give patients reminders and access to other healthcare facilities.
  • The worldwide telemedicine market is expanding as a result of the growing trend of smartwatches and fitness bands that enable real-time tracking of health issues.
  • Why Better patient care is achieved with more integration with electronic health records.

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Market Growth Drivers:

  • The need for telemedicine services is driven by the expanding global elderly population and the burden of chronic illnesses.
  • The worldwide telemedicine market is expanding as a result of the growing trend of using remote services. Patients appreciate receiving healthcare treatments remotely.
  • Because telemedicine services assist to reduce the added expense of travelling, they are more efficient and economical than traditional healthcare services.
  • The development and increasing rate of acceptance of technology like smartphones and internet services, which allow consumers to access these services from anywhere in the world at their own leisure, have a beneficial influence on the expansion of telemedicine services.
  • Because healthcare professionals are in short supply in many developing and undeveloped nations, telemedicine services fill this gap and enable the business to grow internationally.


  • Since telemedicine services are delivered remotely, they cannot be used for conditions that require physical examinations, which is one of their biggest drawbacks. Many healthcare professionals are reluctant to adopt telemedicine services due to factors like resistance to adopting new technology, quality of care provided remotely, etc.
  • Due to the fragmented nature of the global telemedicine market and the lack of interoperability of these platforms, it is challenging to integrate these services into the current healthcare system and to collaborate and share patient medical data with healthcare providers.


  • These technical improvements pose questions about security and privacy, including data breaches and cyberattacks, because telemedicine services include the transmission of sensitive information, including patients’ personal information and medical history.
  • Limited access to technology in rural areas of the world restricts the availability of these telemedicine services there, which inhibits the market’s ability to expand globally.
  • Technical issues with telemedicine services, such as software malfunctioning, poor internet availability, and many others, pose a challenge in providing high-quality healthcare services.
  • Regulatory frameworks established by the government are overly complex and time-consuming, creating barriers to entry in some regions.


  • Telemedicine services provide remote monitoring and allow patients to get care in the comfort of their own homes, which helps to lower the overall cost of hospitalisation and makes it more accessible to a wider range of market customers.
  • Huge amounts of data records generated from these services provide health analytical services which can be used to identify trends and improve the quality of cures and treatments.
  • Telemedicine services offer a global platform for various users to cure their diseases with the help of top healthcare professionals from different regions and countries.

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