Topical Skin Adhesive Market Gaining Momentum with Positive External Factors

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Updated · May 17, 2023

Topical Skin Adhesive Market Gaining Momentum with Positive External Factors

Published Via 11Press : The most recent research study on “Topical Skin Adhesive Market Growth 2023-2029″ released by HTF MI gives readers information on strategic business judgements and strategic planning that affect and stabilise the growth outlook in the topical skin adhesive market. However, a few obnoxious developments will have opposite and significant effects on the growth of the global market for topical skin adhesives as well as distribution among competitors. To offer additional explanations as to why particular patterns in the topical skin adhesive there would be a significant impact and how players like Medtronic (US), Ethicon (US), Advanced Medical Solutions Group plc (UK), Pfizer Inc. (US), Connexion Medical (Ireland), Clemence Medical, Inc. (US), and Adhesion Biomedical (UK) can take these trends into account in their strategic planning. Meyer-Haake GmbH (Germany) and Glottic Inc. Cardinal Health (US) and Beijing Compton Medical Devices Co. Ltd.

Topical Skin Adhesive Industry Background: Liquid cyanoacrylate monomers serve as specialised medical glues to seal wounds and are frequently referred to as topical skin adhesives. Topical skin adhesives work best on skin with straightforward wounds and hairless areas. The industry for topical skin adhesives is primarily driven by the increase in surgical procedures carried out as a result of unintended injuries. The increase in the population of elderly persons in various geographic areas is another significant factor that is anticipated to support market expansion over the study period. As consumer demand for minimally invasive surgical methods rises, the market is growing dramatically. Rising investment in R&D operations to create new items may also financially benefit businesses operating a worldwide market in the coming years.

Attributes Details
Study Time 2018-2028
Year of Base 2022
Forecast Timeframe 2023-2028
Price Unit USD (Million)
Customization in Scope Purchase the Topical Skin Adhesive Market research and receive customization. You can change or remove a country, subject to its feasibility., region, or obtain a more precise segmentation at the end output.


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  • Due to investments and R&D advancements, The industry in the area has been expanding. at a sustainable rate, and more growth is anticipated During the predicted timeframe, or 2023–2028.


Topical Skin Adhesive Market Segment:


  • 2-Octyl Cyanoacrylate Adhesive
  • N-2-Butyl-Cyanoacrylate Adhesive
  • 2-Ethyl-Cyanoacrylate Adhesive


  • Surgical Incisions
  • Trauma-Induced Lacerations
  • Burn And Skin Grafting
  • Wound Closure
  • Chronic Wounds

Topical Skin Adhesive Market - Global Trend and Outlook to 2027

Main Market Developments:

  • The world’s foremost expert in tissue-healing technologies, Advanced Medical Solutions Group plc, announces on February 1st that it has 2023 acquired Connexion Medical Limited (“Connexion”), a company that specialises in tissue adhesive technology.
  • The acquisition considerably enhances AMS’s technical and R&D capabilities in cyanoacrylate technology while also expanding its product portfolio and strengthening its market position in the USD 300 million global tissue adhesive market.
  • By combining the R&D, chemistry, and cyanoacrylate knowledge of both firms, the Group greatly expands its ability to develop and introduce revolutionary adhesive and sealant breakthroughs in the following years. According to Clemence Medical, Inc., a producer and distributor of adhesive-based medical devices, the Food and Drug Administration gave its approval for the launch of Ecofin Precision Pen marketing and sales in January 2022.
  • The Ecofin Precision Pen is the only pen-style applicator on the market with a tip that can be adjusted, allowing the user to control the adhesive width by combining three different application techniques into a single tool: a micro-bristle brush for wide coverage, an inverted brush for narrow lines, and an angle precision tip for micro lines.
  • Top Manufacturers are concentrating on providing physicians and patients with a practical way to seal the skin by minimising the surgical procedure, which would decrease time and effort.

Regulatory Insights:

  • The FDA is of the opinion that special controls, in conjunction with general controls, will be sufficient to offer an acceptable level of assurance regarding the efficacy and safety of the tissue adhesive when applied topically to the skin.
  • To be able to market a device of this generic type, a manufacturer must comply with the following requirements: (1) the general controls of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act), including the premarket notification requirements outlined in 21 CFR 807 Subpart E; (2) address the specific health risks connected with the tissue adhesive for the topical approximation of skin identified in 21 CFR 878.4010(a); and (3) obtain a substantial equivalence determination from FDA before marketing the device.

Influencing Trend:

  • A topical skin adhesive with an organic and sustainable base is now being manufactured and is gaining popularity among consumers. For instance, Purdue University licenced the technology to create Glucose.
  • Long-term Natural essential oils are transferred over time to support the microbiota of the skin, and bioactive substances including glucans, hyaluronic acid, astringents, and collagen are also delivered.
  • The sticky film is made to form a thin, conformal coating even at the sites of deformation, and it is intended to deliver active or passive chemistry to the epidermis (skin) for lengthy periods of time. The product is created from bio-based, sustainable zein and perhaps utilised as an opaque film.

Topical Skin Adhesive Market Growth Drivers:

  • that there are topical skin adhesives is rising on account of the rise in minimally invasive surgery.
  • Topical Skin Adhesive is needed for skin closure because of the difficulties that patients and doctors must deal with both during and after surgery to repair lacerations. Skin adhesive is commonly utilised in this area for good cosmetic results because the need for cosmetic treatment has increased and it is the highest-grossing industry.
  • Topical skin adhesive is being used more frequently in order to decrease the need for anaesthesia during the skin closure process.


  • Although tensile strength has improved, it still cannot match sutures for deep wounds and sensitive areas like the face and scalp, soles of feet, and hands.
  • The usage of sutures, a trusted healing method for centuries, presents the biggest difficulty.
  • Additionally, applying Topical Skin Adhesive requires careful expertise because there should not be any bleeding or space between the borders of the skin.
  • The tissue adhesive may obstruct appropriate epithelialization by penetrating even very small gaps, which eventually hinders wound healing.

Data Sources of Topical Skin Adhesive Market Study

  • Topical skin adhesive market research has been conducted by HTF MI using a focused and useful approach that enables analysis of the pertinent dynamics of the various geographies.
  • Our researchers also undertake thorough analyses of specific geographic areas in order to give customers and companies the possibility of lead in new markets and an increase in developed ones for topical skin adhesives.
  • The analysis of the World market for topical skin adhesive shows additionally how shifting player dynamics are influencing the market’s expansion.

Primary Data Collection Methods:

  • To acquire primary data for the Topical Skin Adhesive Market report, Participants and appointments from the industry, experts in their fields, and C-suite leaders of the Topical Skin Adhesive Industry used Google, Survey Monkey, InMail, LinkedIn Groups, and Other Professional Forums.

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The information and initial interviews as described in the following protocols:

  • C, D, and Others by Designation
  • Companies in Tiers 1, 2, and 3 in line with Company Type Secondary Data Sources, including Annual reports, the media Releases, conference calls, investor presentations, management statements, analyst meetings, SEC filings, as well as Topical Skin Adhesive both players and regulatory Sites, organisations, World Bank, and others, they served as sources for secondary sets of data.

Personalization of the Report

  • In addition to thorough market forecasts, HTF MI offers in-depth commentary with added value on the following topics:
  • Topical Skin Adhesive Influencing Trends
  • Technological Trends and Innovations Market Life Cycle Indicators for Topical Skin Adhesives
  • Growth Drivers and Constraints
  • Barriers to entry/exit and new Entrants in the Topical Skin Adhesive Market To seize significant market opportunities, pinpoint crucial industry sectors and conduct an Analysis of Gaps.

With this Difficult Background, Topical Skin Adhesive Study Provides Clarity on

  • Current conditions and distinctive features of the topical skin adhesive market. HTF MI analysts arranged and carried out surveys among the businesses in the topical skin adhesive company to put a stop to this.
  • The final snapshot offers a framework for understanding the reasons for and the changes that are anticipated for the topical skin adhesive market.
  • Where the market for topical skin adhesives is going. Surveys, financial analyses, and expert interviews are all utilised to gather information.
  • How can each business in this sizable group of players navigate the altered competitive environment and decide on a course of action that will enable them to either maintain the value they currently assert or seize the emerging opportunity?

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