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Research: August 2012

Research, articles, and tips on CRM, Business Intelligence, ERP, supply chain management, and other enterprise applications. - Archive for August 2012

VMware Puts Virtual Spin on Big Data

After years of dealing with servers, PCs and storage arrays, VMware "gets" enterprise applications and is moving heavily into the …

Enterprise Mobile App Momentum Continues, Thanks to Business Users

Business units fund more mobile application projects than IT departments, a survey from AppCentral finds.

Three Ways Agile Marketing Can Use BI

Wayne Kernochan outlines three key ways agile marketing can benefit from business intelligence and explains which BI best practices can move …

Five Keys to Social Platform Selection

Project managers selecting a social platform to improve team communications must ask five key questions, says Geneca's Michael Klynstra.

Social Media Meets Project Management

Social media is no longer just about updating your Facebook status. In your company, it can help project managers address troublesome team …

Review: TeamLab Project Management, CRM, Collaboration

TeamLab offers an extremely well-integrated suite of tools for project management, CRM and collaboration.

Q&A: Making ERP Reporting More Useful

While ERP has enabled enterprises to store data more accurately and in greater volumes, it is often difficult to report on all that data …

6 Key Call Center Trends

As the call center has evolved into a key customer service channel, the agent role has grown more sophisticated and so has the software that …

Customer Experience Management: 7 Lessons from the Quality Movement

Companies looking to successfully implement customer experience management can learn a lot from the quality movement of the 1980s.

7 Enterprise-friendly Ways of Dealing with Big Data

Drowning in Big Data? Experts offer seven suggestions for incorporating Hadoop and other Big Data solutions into existing enterprise …

Open Source ERP Buyer's Guide

Open source is still a small subset of the ERP market, yet its promise of low cost and added flexibility means it merits investigation, …

Six Keys for Using CRM to Boost Brand Advocacy

CRM technology can make customers into brand advocates -- but companies must also address underlying people and process issues. Here's how …