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Research: October 2012

Research, articles, and tips on CRM, Business Intelligence, ERP, supply chain management, and other enterprise applications. - Archive for October 2012

Human Capital Management Buying Guide: Oracle, SAP, Salesforce

Human capital management's star is rising in the enterprise, and all of the major software vendors are eager to hitch a ride.

Sentiment Analysis: 3 Points to Remember

While sentiment analysis can be an effective addition to your customer analytics strategy, it is not a customer relationship cure-all.

CRM Investment on Upswing

A Computer Economics study finds a positive outlook for CRM, with increases in both adoption and investment. Cloud software is driving much …

SAS Says Speed Key to Marketing and Fraud Detection Analytics

SAS hopes to address the need for analytics speed of two key business functions, marketing and risk management, with a series of new …

SAS Questions Big Data Approaches of SAP, Oracle

Database-centric approaches like those used by SAP and Oracle are fine for querying and reporting but not for true Big Data analytics, says …

Review: OneDesk Has Centralized Collaboration, Social Media Monitoring

OneDesk is a souped-up project management tool designed from the ground up for team collaboration and participation from external users.

SMB ERP Buying Guide for Oracle, Microsoft and SAP

While Oracle, Microsoft and SAP offer ERP software primarily geared toward larger enterprises, they also have solutions appropriate for SMBs.

Third-party ERP Support: When It Makes Sense

Cost and other factors can lead companies to consider getting ERP support from a third party. But is it a good idea?

Workforce Optimization Software Buying Guide

With its emphasis on getting the best performance from call center agents, workforce optimization is one of the most critical areas of focus …