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Research: March 2013

Research, articles, and tips on CRM, Business Intelligence, ERP, supply chain management, and other enterprise applications. - Archive for March 2013

5 Buzz-worthy Big Data Analytics Apps

The marriage of Big Data and analytics will likely yield some powerful business benefits. Here are five buzz-worthy Big Data analytics apps.

Big Data + SaaS = Better Marketing

Big Data apps, or BDAs, offer a new twist on software-as-a-service (SaaS) that will be especially valuable to marketers.

Closing Big Data Loop Reveals Marketing ROI

It’s neither easy nor inexpensive to consolidate data from disparate sources. But doing so can help enterprises understand cost per …

5 Tips for Mashing up Big Data, Social Media

Mashing up Big Data and social media can help organizations understand their customers better. Here are five tips for a successful Big Data …

Gartner: Welcome to Year of Big Data

The past few years were just a warm-up. According to Gartner, 2013 is Big Data's turn in the spotlight.

3 Big Data Lessons from 2012 Presidential Campaign

What can enterprises learn from how the two major political parties used Big Data in the 2012 U.S. presidential campaign?

Digging for Data Scientists

So you think you need a data scientist. How do you know for sure? And where will you find one? Find out from a company that employs more …

7 Apps for Social Media Monitoring on the Go

Monitoring social media is a 24/7 job, which is why it's so important to use mobile apps for doing so. Here are seven interesting mobile …

Product Portfolio Management: Getting Products to Market Faster

Product portfolio management software can help organizations more quickly launch new products, an important edge in today's competitive …