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Research: May 2016

Research, articles, and tips on CRM, Business Intelligence, ERP, supply chain management, and other enterprise applications. - Archive for May 2016

Can DBaaS Cure Your Data Management Ills?

Database-as-a-service offers a way for companies to better handle data growth and manage multiple databases.

Hadoop Evolution: What You Need to Know

Hadoop has been hamstrung by complexity, skills shortages and a lack of standardization, but new approaches to using Hadoop are emerging.

4 Ways to Put Application Performance Management to Work

Application performance management is more important than ever, given organizations' significant investment in apps.

Using NoSQL Databases to Handle Fast Data

NoSQL databases can help enterprises handle so-called Fast Data. MongoDB, DataStax and Redis are three NoSQL databases worth checking out.

Mobile CRM's Strengths and Weaknesses

Mobile CRM is great for some functions, like real time contact management. But other tasks are still best performed on laptops or desktops.