Where To Watch The Whale Movie?

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Updated · Sep 09, 2023

Where To Watch The Whale Movie?

Where To Watch The Whale….?

The Whale is a psychological drama movie. It includes complex emotions and relations. The themes of forgiveness, human connection, and redemption. The movie also provides the exploration of personal connections, the weightage of past mistakes committed, and the ability to transform.

It is set in the background of a coastal town. The Whale includes the story of the life of Charlie, an obese man who has isolated himself from the world. Due to a tragic event in his past. He has a teenage daughter and struggles with his regrets. Charlie spends his days online chatting and navigating through his struggles with his physical health.

Something unexpected happens. Few people enter his life from the past. Then the story unfolds through the meditation on the family dynamics, sorrow, and reconciliation possibilities. As Charlie connects with the people deeply. The narration also explores the ability to redeem and heal in the face of life’s challenges.

The Whale Release Date

The Whale movie was released on 9th December. The movie premiered at the Venice International Film Festival in September 2022. The Whale is currently available for streaming online. Yet there is no official announcement related to its streaming release date.

As no information is available on Whale’s streaming platform. A24 movies are spread the big streaming service platform. Viewers just have to wait for its release on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, or on any other streaming platform.

Where To Watch The Whale Movie Online?

As its digital release has not been announced. So, it is difficult to say when The Whale movie will be available on digital platform. But based upon the previous A24 movies like Aftersun, we have to guess almost 45 days to 2 months after its release in theatres. It can stream online around in January or early February.

Can it be Watched at Home?

When The Whale was released on 9 December. It will be available to watch in theatres not on online streaming platforms. It can be available to stream on a rent or purchase basis after its theatrical release. The Whale movie can be watched on HBO Max. but it is not confirmed yet until the official announcement is there.

Is it available on Netflix?

It is not yet available on Netflix. But it can be anytime soon available. A masterpiece movie that earned praise and rewards. It should be available to watch in the next few months.

Will it stream online on HBO Max?

No, it will not stream on HBO Max. as it is the Warner Bros movie. Last year also, the company dropped its movies from this platform. The same day of the theatrical release. But now they have stopped doing that. Like other platforms, 45 45-day gap is there for online release.

The Movie Cast

Along with Brendan Fraser, The Whale includes an excited cast. It brings the acclaimed play to life on the big screen. Charlie has a daughter named Ellie played by Sadie Sink. the young American actress is known for her role as Max in Stranger Things. She also played a role in Fear Street parts 2 and 3 as well. Destin Daniel’s dramatic movie also consisted of Sadie Sink.

The Whale is directed by Darren Aronofsky and written by Samuel D. Hunter. It includes the following cast-

  • Brendan Fraser as Charlie
  • Sadie Sink as Ellie
  • Ty Simpkins as Thomas
  • Hong Chau as Liz
  • Samantha Morton as Mary


The Whale movie consists of various themes-

  • Forgiveness and redemption

The movie examines redemption of possibility. It also deeply resonates with the emotions. A flawed people who is seeking for path of forgiveness. Both from the others and himself.

  • Isolation

The film includes the effect of isolation and human connections. As the characters navigate through the shared struggles and emotions.

  • Transformation

The character’s confrontation with the past is shown. The tough truths are explored. Transformative power is confronted with its own vulnerabilities and embraces the growth ability.

  • Complexities in family dynamics

The relations between Charlie and their daughter, and interactions from his past include complexities. In regard to family bonding and reconciliation potential.

  • Love in the hope’s absence

Liz is showcased as the soothing character of patience and care. She also speaks truth only. The gasping manner of performance is portrayed. The repetitive submission is there. The self-destructive urge is showcased. To face the challenges of puzzled minds.

  • Scar’s abandonment

Charlie’s immaterial helps to keep hope alive. The daughter he left when she was a child strikes down the late attempt to reach out. Ellie’s hate is shown towards her father.  So, there are scars portrayed on the father and daughter’s mind.

The Whale movie fights through the themes of religious trauma, the effects of grief, and Charlie’s eating disorder. Charlie struggles with the situation. The movie also shows the grief, struggle, and shame complexities. It also manifests the character differently. Like Mary who is an alcoholic, Liz is a smoker, Thomas is a weeder and relies on other drugs also. Ellie is addicted to anger.

Visuals and Cinematography

The visuals in the movie are characterized by close cinematography. It creates a sense of emotional closeness with the characters. The visual style aligns with the contemplative themes that offer the audience with in-depth immersing experience. Throughout the characters, internal struggles and their journeys are depicted.

There is an impact and reception. The Whale movie varies from other films of the same genre. But there are themes that resonate. In regard to emotions like forgiveness, redemption, and the human ability to change.

Awards and Recognitions

The movie co-star Hong Chau was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress category. Dareen Aronofsky’s film also won an Academy Award for Best Makeup and hairstyling. Brendan Fraser also made a comeback for his Oscar-winning role in The Whale movie. He also took the Best Actor trophy for the character Charlie.

Is The Whale movie available on any Streaming Platforms?

The Whale is now available to purchase on the platform of your choice. The list of platforms is provided below-

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Itunes
  • Google Play
  • Youtube
  • Vudu

As you are waiting for The Whale to land on the streaming platform. It also provides a few insights. A movie was also distributed by A24 entertainment company. Other projects like Europhia and Paramount Plus Film also got released in July. with other popular films like The Whale. Based on this information, The Whale was also released around July only.

The Plot of the Movie

Darren Aronosfsky’s “The Whale” is the story of an English teacher. The teacher who decides to live in isolation. But also makes an attempt to reconnect with their teenage daughter Ellie. He abandoned her eight years ago with his lover Alan. He also reveals that he has been saving money for years and provides the entire bank account if she spends time with him. Ellie also agrees to it with a condition. To complete her homework and requests to write in a notebook he will give her.

Charlie’s health is rapidly declining. Liz also brought a wheelchair so he is able to move. She also reveals that she is the adopted daughter of a new-life head pastor. Alan is her brother whose religious guilt led to his suicide. This grief strikes Charlie and he uncontrollably starts eating at any time. In spite of Liz’s objection to helping charlie, Thomas still believes in helping him.

Movie Writing

Aronofsky has tried to get the film made over the decade. But could not do so as he struggled to find a good actor to showcase Charlie. After seeing the scenes of Fraser’s performance in the journey to the end of the night movie, he finalizes Fraser for the character.

The real play was set in 2009. The setting was updated to 2016. The hunter wants to showcase the events before the huge seismic change. Since it is clear that the play’s events went before the covid-19. In the movie, the TV show unfolds the 2016 republican party’s presidential primaries. In the original play also, Thomas is on a Mormon mission. Liz’s character does not have the real background and race specified. The actress was chosen to play Liz as an Asian heritage. It also has an adopted way of accommodating Chau’s casting.

Chau also argued that Liz should have a look consisting of tattoos. To include some aspects of the character. On 10th Jan 2021, A24 announced its global distribution rights to the movie. Chau, Sadie Sink, and Samantha Morton joined the cast in February. At first, James Jordan with Tom Ford was directing the movie. But Ford left due to creative differences. George Clooney also was considered for the movie. But he also declined.

Is it available to Watch on Hulu?

Audiences can view the movie on Hulu. However, it is not possible since Hulu provides paid services. Its streaming services are paid ones with subscription plans. The movie can be watched exclusively on the MTV channel. That can be subscribed through cable services.

Critics Response

According to the reports, a 64% rating is given. With 334 reviews with an average rating of 6.6 out of 10. The critics say that the movie is held together by a character played by Brendan Fraser. The whale movie sings a song of empathy that leaves a lasting impression on the audience. Positive feedback is also received. In the Toronto International Film Festival specific praise for the Fraser, Chau, and Sink performances. When the movie has limited theatrical release, the sources report that it has been polarised with others who criticize the movie’s showcase of fat people.

Glen Kenny also praises Aronofsky’s direction, and writing. As it deals with diverse levels of heartbreak and misunderstanding among humans. Fraser also took substantive risks in the name of continuous sympathy. Robbie Collin of the Telegraph also provided five stars to the movie. He also writes that Fraser seals the comeback in the sensational film Rare Compassion.

Box Office Performance

The Whale movie earned 17.5 million dollars in the US and Canada. 37.4 million dollars in other parts of the world with a total of 54.9 million dollars. After many weeks, the film earned 1 million in the third week. The total of 1.6 million dollars over Christmas Eve. Then it increased over every week. It also expands to the 1,500 venues in the sixth week of the theatre release. The ongoing trend of public interest had lost interest in prestige movies in the ongoing surrounding changed by the pandemic. All these results go towards the praise and awards for Fraser’s performance.

The movie’s screenplay is adapted from the playwright Samuel D. Hunter’s The Whale. When the play debuted off-broadway in 2012. It also received high praise from the critics. The movie also won the Drama Desk Award as well as the Lucille Lortel Award for excellent play. The plot of the movie follows an obese English teacher named Charlie. A character who is in grief and binge eating. The pain and misery are showcased by the abandonment and death of his lover. At the same time, he wants to reconnect with his teenage daughter for the last time.

The whale movie also explores dramatic themes. Like family, grief, and self-infliction. The movie was also produced by a production company named A24. Collaboration is there between the director Aronofsky and A24. It is certain that something is amazing and exciting to watch. It is a fantastic and thought-provoking movie.

The climax of the movie is the recital of Charlie’s favorite essay. He pleads with her to forgive him. She also pleads to get the help to live. But he has gone to that extent. He knows that his daughter loves him. She is going to become a good person in life. For once, he believes that he has done something right.

The movie The Whale is a beautiful work. The cinematography style to the amazing screenplay and performances.

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