Privacy Policy

The following document provides an outline of the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy of Enterprise Apps Today, hereafter referred to as “we,” “us,” and “the website.” We reserve the complete right to make changes to our policy without prior intimation to the readers or customers.

Information Collected by Enterprise Apps Today Website

At every point where there is a requirement for data collection, our website follows a code of conduct that provides maximum priority to the privacy of readers and the security of the data. No personally identifiable data, if any collected, from the user, will be stored on our servers without direct consent. Personally identifiable data may include your name and email address.

In addition, some non-sensitive information that cannot be used to personally identify the user may be collected by the website with the help of cookies. Also, our website may collect a combination of information such as metrics regarding the visits to the website and the actions that a user may perform while they are on our website.

Regardless of the nature of the data, we do not sell, rent, lease, or share it with third parties. However, the non-sensitive data from the website metrics may be used for analytics purposes. For the same, it might be shared with analytical tools.

The Use of Collected Data

Given below are the potential instances when Enterprise Apps Today will use the data it has collected from the readers/users:

  • The data may be used as a reference to address the potential disputes that may occur over time

  • We are committed to enabling complete transparency regarding data collection. Therefore, the data collected could be used to answer the queries you may have

  • The data, especially the non-sensitive type of data, can be used to analyze the working of the website and improve its features and the provided services

  • The use of specific data is restricted to the purposes for it was collected in the first place

Sharing Your Data

As mentioned earlier, the website does not sell, share, or rent data with third parties. However, there could be a few exemptions when law enforcement authorities and regulatory boards are involved in the process. For instance, we have to share your data,

  • If the data requires us to produce user data

  • To enable protection for our rights and property

  • When fraudulent/illicit actions are committed by the user

  • If harmful behavior on the website has been noticed.

External Links

In order to provide a seamless experience on the internet, we use many external links. However, we do not have control over what these external links contain. Our website will not be held responsible for the actions you perform on an external website, as these websites come under the purview of their privacy policy.

Cookie Policy

To provide the best browsing experience to our customers, we make use of web cookies. Web cookies are small files that can be stored on your devices for later access. These cookies are safe, and they enable us to serve you better during your subsequent visits. However, the user has the complete freedom not to keep web cookies on their devices. When prompted, the customer can choose the option not to accept cookies. If you use a web browser that automatically accepts web cookies, you can disable the feature by going to Settings and Privacy Preferences.

On Enterprise Apps Today, the use of cookies is done to:

  • Understand your preferences during your subsequent visits and keep your account signed in

  • Provide a personalized user experience with the help of preference analysis and feedback

  • Analyze user data in such a way that it provides value to the services/products we serve

  • Ensure that our readers do not have to spend a lot of time doing repetitive tasks

By continuing to use the website, the readers accept and agree with this privacy policy.