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We would like to wholeheartedly welcome you to Enterprise Apps Today. Before you explore what we have to offer, we request you to go through the Terms of Use for the website. This document talks about various rights and obligations that you have as a visitor of the website. You can consider this document as a legally binding contract that explains how the content/services from Enterprise Apps Today (hereafter referred to as “We,” “Us,” and “the Website”) can be accessible to you in the long run.

Enterprise Apps Today retains the complete right to make changes to the Terms of Use document without issuing a prior warning to our readers or users. By continuing to use the website, you agree with these terms and conditions as well.

Acceptance and Agreement

Our website has a strict code for what can be and cannot be done by the user. The rules for the same can be found below.

  • You must not post any commercial material on the website
  • The content from the website must not be copied or reproduced without prior permission from the owner of the website. Everything published on the website remains the intellectual property of all the respective authors.
  • You must not attempt to change, modify, remove, or adapt the content that can be accessed from the website.
  • You must not post any content that contains any form of malware or dangerous software that could potentially harm the users.
  • You must not access the website in an illegal manner, and it must be accessed lawfully only
  • You must not perform any fraudulent or unlawful actions when you are on the website


  • According to state law, all types of content on the website are protected by copyright
  • The acceptance of Terms of Use does not provide the user with a license to copy or modify the data from the website. Any of these changes require prior permission from the site owners.
  • All types of content published and to be published on the website remains the intellectual property of Enterprise Apps Today.


  • Trademarks, logos, and names used on the website are protected by copyright laws. Violating these laws will lead to legal repercussions.
  • In the case of content from third parties, the logos and product names are the intellectual property of the respective owners.
  • Although we make fair use of third-party trademarks, we do not claim their ownership.

User Submissions and User Restrictions

User submission refers to an instance when a user submits some kind of content to the website. It could be a comment, review, response to a form, etc.

  • The website retains the complete right to utilize user submissions without intimating the user first. Nor will the user be compensated if we are to use the input for other purposes.
  • Reviews and comments made by users on our website are not our liability
  • Proper communication between different users must be carried out by themselves
  • Lawful content can be sent to the website without any problems
  • The user must not copy or share material that is protected by the copyright policy
  • The user must not share materials that they do not own or have the permission to share
  • The user must not violate the privacy policy or the terms of use of another entity
  • The user must refrain from sending offensive, abusive, harmful content through the website
  • The reader must not attempt to breach the security aspects of the website
  • The reader must not impersonate other people on the internet or elsewhere
  • The reader must not use the website for fraudulent purposes

We would like to confirm that we rely on affiliate marketing links as a form of revenue. When you click on these links and make a purchase, the website receives a small commission at no extra cost to you. However, this system does not alter the quality or tone of the content we publish.

Limitation of Liability

  • Enterprise Apps Today holds no liability for losses and damages that may have taken place after users have followed the reviews or guides
  • Despite the best of our efforts to keep our content as accurate as possible, inaccuracies might have made their way into the program. We cannot be held accountable for the textual and factual errors on the website content.
  • While your security remains our topmost concern, we cannot be held responsible for instances when you encounter malware and other threats when on the website.
  • By accessing the website, you agree with the fact that you are doing it at your own expense and that you will be the sole person accountable for the consequences.


  • Content on our website posted by third parties cannot be considered factual, as such. We do not hold any responsibility for any content that can cause problems to the readers.
  • Indirect, incidental, consequential, and punitive damages due to affiliate marketing links are also not to be addressed by the readers.
  • We also use this occasion to say that our website may occasionally face downtime due to errors and maintenance. Network failure and a power outage can be some reasons for this situation.

External Links

  • Enterprise Apps Today uses external links to provide additional information to the reader
  • We are not responsible for the content that is found on the external website
  • Our website uses affiliate links, which navigate the user to an external link

Privacy Policy

If you would like to understand how we deal with privacy and cookies, you can check this document.
Dispute Resolution

These terms of use and disclaimers are abided by the laws of the US. Therefore, any dispute in the matter would be addressed through jury trial, court, etc.