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AI in Cybersecurity Statistics and Facts

AI in Cybersecurity Statistics

Introduction AI Use in Cybersecurity Statistics: With the progress in technology and development in the market, the threat of cybercrime and cyberattack has increased by hackers. 847,376 complaints of internet-related crimes and financial loss supreme exceeded 6.9 billion dollars in…

Digital Transformation Statistics and Facts

Digital Transformation Statistics

Introduction Digital Transformation Statistics: The effects of digital transformation can be huge and sweeping on the way businesses operate and offer their services to customers. It is the method of infusing technology into various aspects of a business. Digital transformation is a…

College Dropout Statistics

College Dropout Statistics

12 million, or 60.9% of graduate and undergraduate students, are enrolled in college. Each year, 20.7%, or 4.1 million, graduate with a degree. Yet, dropping out is more than common all across the world. People quit their degrees midway for…