About Us

EnterpriseAppsToday is a platform where we cover anything and everything about the top enterprise apps that rule the industry right now. You can count on our talented team when it comes to bringing you up-to-date information about the SaaS, CRM, ERP and other types of applications. EnterpriseAppsToday is proud to be in a position to help you know better about enterprise apps and beyond.

How We Do What We Do?

At EnterpriseAppsToday, our team is committed towards transparency and accuracy. It is one of the major reasons why we want to double-check what we publish on a regular basis. Our team spends hours and days researching on specific topics so that our readers do not have to. It is also impressive that our team has the collective previous experience of a few decades when it comes to SaaS and other enterprise-level apps.

We also follow a code of honor while doing anything related to EnterpriseAppsToday. For instance, all our reviews are done with a proper Standard Operating Procedure, which increases the value delivered to our readers. We also take pride in keeping our editorial control untouched, unless specified at circumstances. In short, we are happy that you are here, and we are happier to help you.

Who Are We?

Abhijith N Arjunan

Abhijith is a professional content writer with more than a decade of experience in the industry. A self-learnt writer from the beginning, he covers almost every category of content at EnterpriseAppsToday. If he is not reading to catch up, you can find him alongside some food and a cup of coffee.

Sandra Thomas

Sandra worked as a schoolteacher before finding her career in the writing industry. She is confident about writing, especially while doing it for explaining simple concepts. At EnterpriseAppsToday, Sandra is in charge of research and writing.

Betty Santiago

Betty Santiago is our site manager, without whom EnterpriseAppsToday would cease to exist. She is the core pillar of the website and makes sure that everything is running as per the plan. An avid reader, Betty also attempts writing at times.

Clint Potter

Clint Potter is our core developer and technical manager at EnterpriseAppsToday. He is the person to reach out to if you want to make some changes on the website or optimize certain things. A self-professed nerd, Clint is a big fan of Star Wars.