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TouchConnect Steers Contact Center Callers to Self-Service

By EnterpriseAppsToday.com Staff     Feedback

TouchConnect software aims to help contact centers improve next call prevention and increase customer loyalty by steering callers toward self-service options.

TouchCommerce is rolling out TouchConnect, software for contact centers that steers customers off the traditional call channels via online engagement and guides them to self-service. This helps call center operations improve next call prevention (NCP), increase customer loyalty and improve customer experience, according to TouchCommerce.

The company says its product provides a way for call agents at contact centers to streamline communications with customers through a collaboration tool which integrates co-browsing into the contact center operations.

"For many years, voice and online-focused agents in contact centers have been working in silos due to different skillset and customer needs," said Bernard Louvat, president and CEO of TouchCommerce, in a statement.  "Customers calling support centers today expect immediate resolution, which often requires innovative integration of the online and offline channels. TouchConnect enables contact center advisors to provide enhanced online engagement capabilities for an effortless omni-channel experience."

TouchConnect enables contact centers to expedite callers' issue resolution with co-browse and relevant content; cut the callers' wait time while offering self-serve options in an interactive voice response (IVR) environment; and/or enable contact center advisors to offer relevant content via chat. To achieve these results, TouchConnect provides contact centers with a combination of features, including co-browse, transfer-to-chat, and the ability to offer rich media content and special deals to customers.

The product also provides contact center advisors with a history of the call and chat that can be integrated into the call center's CRM system.

Interest in moving customers to IVR and other self-service channels is growing, according to a recent ContactBabel report.

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This article was originally published on May 1, 2014
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