How HTML5 Games Work

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Updated · Nov 22, 2023

How HTML5 Games Work

Over the years, prominent online gaming platforms have boosted their production of HTML5 games. This largely has to do with HTML5 being remarkably compatible with browsers across an extensive range of devices, including tablets, smartphones, and even desktop computers.

Furthermore, these games are built using Javascript and HTML5; it’s also possible to develop within Unity. Their adaptability has made HTML5’s popularity grow across the globe. This article takes an in-depth look at what HTML5 is, what the games are, and even how to find HTML5 games. Keep reading if you’re curious about this coding language.

1. What Exactly Is HTML5?

Simply put, HTML5 combines top modern web technologies such as HTML5 markup, CSS3, and Javascript to create complex and intricate multimedia applications. By utilizing these technologies, HTML5 can run games directly in a host of different modern web browsers. That means HTML5 is the process that makes it possible for you to play games on your computer or mobile device.

Furthermore, HTML5 has a few advantages that make it easy to see why it’s a necessity in every gaming application. Some of these include the following:

  • Mobile application development frameworks (as mentioned above)
  • HTML Offline Web Application API (allows the game applications to work, regardless of internet connections)

2. What Are HTML5 Games?

Several factors justify the popularity of HTML5 games in modern gaming applications. Typically, these games use their HTML5 and Javascript features to enable games to be played without the user needing to register or download the actual game to their devices. This means players can enjoy the game (no matter how big it gets) without worrying about having an adequate amount of storage space.

Unlike its predecessor, HTML1, HTML5 doesn’t require any building applications. In fact, it can be developed by simply downloading the required source code from relevant repositories such as GitHub. The only real requirement is a working knowledge of server and browser functionality.

3. How To Find HTML5 Games?

Fortunately, finding an HTML5 game isn’t as complicated as you may imagine. All you really need is a URL embedded in a website or dedicated portal. Once you have the URL, simply click on the link to open the game you’re looking for. Some of the more popular games to look out for on these portals include:

  • Vikings: War of Clans
  • Throne: Kingdom at War
  • Klondike: The Lost Expedition

A plus point with these portals is that they boast diverse games from a wide range of genres. This means that no matter what genre of games you enjoy, you’re bound to find a few titles that pique your interest!

4. Understanding HTML5 Game Development

Creating HTML5 games will require a bit of knowledge and, in some cases, advanced skills in general HTML, javascript, and CSS.

For anyone interested in developing their own games in HTML5, it may also be necessary to be able to work with Web Audio API to process online audio within the game. You can also use Canva to draw the graphics on relevant web apps.

Having a working knowledge of these different applications will put you well on the road to developing high-performing games.

5. Storing HTML5 Data

Any avid gamer knows that you need a considerable amount of storage space to run a decent game properly. Fortunately, HTML5’s game data and relevant settings are easily stored in web storage. By incorporating the right API, HTML5 can easily save, delete, overwrite, and clear any data that the player or developer has created in the browser data.

Furthermore, cookies have also been created to store the browser data, making it easier for the user to get back into the game. It’s worth pointing out that some platforms have limits on storage space and deadlines. Be sure to review these before you start a game.

6. HTML5 Works With Input Devices and Controllers

Another fun fact about HTML5 is that it can easily be utilized with a wide range of input devices. The most significant of these include:

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Traditional gaming controllers
  • Touchscreen

Final Thought

We hope that this informative post has shed some light on the HTML5 concept. Since an HTML5 game can easily be accessed by simply clicking on the available link, playing a game is a lot easier than understanding its intricacies.

That said, the fact that players don’t require a large amount of storage space to download the games is a major drawcard. If you haven’t played an HTML5 game yet, it’s time to log in and see what you’re missing out on!

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