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Openbravo Offers Point-of-Sale (POS) Module for Open Source ERP

By Vangie Beal     Feedback

The new POS Retail Module extends Openbravo ERP by integrating POS and store management capabilities.

Openbravo has announced a new commercial offering that extends its web-based open source ERP solution. The new POS Retail Module, based on Openbravo's popular POS open source project, delivers integrated Point-of-Sale and store management capabilities to the Openbravo ERP solution.

The module boasts a number of features, including POS systems management of customer transactions, integration with POS devices, integration with popular payment gateways, ERP integration with Openbravo 3, and programmable interfaces for salespersons.

By unifying ERP and POS, Openbravo says it increases the agility of retail operations across finance, sales, procurement, warehouses and master data management.

"By integrating web-based ERP with POS functionality, business managers have unlimited access to one unified platform that collects sales data and can help drive better decision-making around procurement, distribution and back-office functions," said Paolo Juvara, CEO of Openbravo, in a statement. "Openbravo can integrate e-commerce data from multiple resources and retail locations to produce a holistic view of business performance, without spending millions to custom-build a solution on their own."

Openbravo 3 Professional Edition with integrated ERP and POS functionality can be further expanded by integrating with ecommerce platforms. Integration with ecommerce platforms (like Magento, for example) allows the integrated solution to meet the needs of multi-channel retailers that sell through brick and mortar stores and online.

Openbravo released version 3.0 of Openbravo in two editions, Professional and Community, earlier this year. Both editions provide core ERP functionality for finance, sales, procurement, warehousing and master data. This version also introduced the concept of "Agile ERP," which provides a significant improvement over legacy ERP technology, the company says.

Openbravo also said it has noticed an increase in the download rate in the Community Edition as well as the Openbravo Professional Edition. Last week, the company said it reached its 2 million download milestone.

The Openbravo POS Professional Retail Module is available only for Openbravo 3 Professional Edition and is distributed through Openbravo business partners.

This article was originally published on May 19, 2011
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