Accelerating Big Data Value Aim of Actian Program

Vangie Beal

Updated · Jul 29, 2014

Though lots of organizations are interested in leveraging Big Data, relatively few of them already have Big Data deployments. This may be, in part, because of the difficulty getting such projects under way. Actian is addressing this issue with a new program called Big Data 2.0 Clear Path, that aims to help companies jumpstart analytics projects or rapidly move existing ones into production.

According to Actian, the program provides proven methodologies and pre-defined workflows developed by data scientists in Actian’s Analytics Center of Excellence (COE). Actian currently has COEs in California, Texas and New York. The team is comprised of seasoned data scientists and is complemented by Actian’s strategic partners and consulting companies that share best practices with customers to accelerate the ROI from Big Data projects. 

Specific features of the Clear Path program include:

  • Blueprint diagrams, available at no cost via the Actian website, laying out Big Data-centric advanced analytics methodology for blending traditional data with new data types
  • Pre-built workflows that customers can use out of the box with their own data
  • Workshops with Actian data scientists to apply the methodology to each customer’s specific problems and datasets

“Companies are struggling to maximize the returns from their Big Data investments as they are often unaware of the new methodologies and data sources that provide timely and accurate insights that could materially improve their business processes and help them make more informed decisions,” said Ashish Gupta, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of business development, Actian, in a statement. “… By contributing these blueprints to our community of partners and customers, we aim to accelerate innovation in and drive adoption of Big Data analytics.”

The first set of blueprints focuses on creating customer profile analyses, to help businesses better understand their customers. Among the specific areas covered:

  • Micro-segmentation, for a more granular view of customers
  • Customer Lifetime Value, for discovering and cultivating high-value customers
  • Next best action, for predicting and influencing customer decisions
  • Campaign optimization, for building and refining campaigns
  • Churn analysis, for preventing high-value customers from leaving
  • Market basket analysis, for uncovering hidden profitability

Actian and its partners will release a series of additional sets targeting specific domain and vertical challenges over the next several months.

“Value from a Big Data implementation comes when it is designed to address a defined business problem,” said Rishi Bhatnagar, founder and CEO of Syntelli Solutions, one of Actian’s strategic partners. “Actian’s Clear Path Program is the catalyst that will ensure clear, pre-defined value with a low-risk approach.”

Actian Customer Analytics Clear Path blueprints are now available for the Actian Analytics Platform – Extreme Edition and the Actian Analytics Platform – Hadoop SQL Edition.


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