5 Internships You Should Try After Marketing Graduation

Kevin Newcomb

Updated · Jan 12, 2024

5 Internships You Should Try After Marketing Graduation

As a marketing graduate, an internship will help to give you the practical, real-world, experience you need. Marketing is in a state of constant change so it’s an exciting field to be in. You have opportunities for internships in a variety of different industries. It is important to leverage your network when looking for internships. You may hear about an internship through college alumni. Career fairs also give you a way to get your resume into the right hands. Following the brands you love on social media is another way to find out about internships. Here are five types of internships that can be worthwhile to you as a marketing graduate.

  1. Digital marketing intern

As a digital marketing intern, you will learn how to use a wide variety of online marketing channels. These marketing channels help a company develop brand awareness and generate leads. You will probably help to create marketing campaigns for social media platforms and email lists. Search engine optimization (SEO) is another important part of digital marketing. You will learn more about keywords and how to rank in search results to bring organic traffic to a website. You will also assist in doing market research and coming up with ways to improve marketing strategies.

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  1. Copywriting intern

Copywriting is persuasive writing that gets readers to take action. If one of your teacher's comments for writing was that you had a knack for writing convincingly, this could be the internship for you. You will spend a great deal of your time improving your writing skills. Copywriting must be clear, concise, and impactful. Its ultimate aim is to sell products or services. You will need to write compelling content for both internal and external communication. Some of the tasks you can expect to do as an intern will include the following.

  • Do research into competitors, industry trends, and audiences.
  • Brainstorm ideas with members of the marketing team.
  • Collaborate with art directors and graphic designers to come up with cohesive strategies.
  • Draft and edit blog posts, website copy, and news articles.
  • Assist with writing brochures, adverts, and other marketing material.
  1. Social media intern

Social media interns will learn more about how to develop content strategies for social media. This is a great internship if you are already active on many social media platforms. You won’t only need an interest in social media but strong writing skills too. This internship will require much more than just knowing how to score good grades. You will need to apply the brand’s voice effectively across different platforms in a consistent way. This will require knowing what works best on which channel.

Once you create content, you will monitor it to see what’s working and what isn’t. Checking engagement metrics will help you to refine your social media strategies. Your daily activities will include many different tasks. This may involve everything from writing captions for posts to creating posting schedules. A social media internship can help you on the road to becoming a social media marketing manager in the future.

  1. Data scientist intern

Data scientists are in high demand and earn good money. As a marketing graduate, you can become a data scientist intern. If you are fascinated by big data, this type of internship could be right for you. If grading college papers was a fun way for you to make extra money in college, this could be the type of job for you. Your internship should give you an understanding of the whole data pipeline. This will include the roles and tasks that go along with it.

As a data scientist intern, you work well with engineers and data analysts. You will have to help collect, analyze, and interpret data sets. Analyzing data and identifying key insights within it is necessary to improve marketing campaigns. Companies can make more informed decisions with access to these key insights. This can help them to make the type of improvements that have a positive impact on their bottom line.

  1. Product marketing intern

As a product marketing intern, you will put your analytical skills into practice. You will also have to collaborate with the sales team and product marketers. Understanding how to position a product in the market and the message you need to convey is vital. You must be able to analyze the needs of customers and communicate the value of products to them.

Some of your duties will include doing product research and creating product-related content. Some of the content you may help to create includes blog posts, catalogs, brochures, white papers, or ebooks. You may also help to monitor competitor activity to identify product promotion opportunities. Developing proposals for clients may be part of your duties. Another task may be to help manage the social media presence of the company. This could involve posting updates, responding to comments, or monitoring analytics.


Many doors are open to you as a marketing graduate. A student's strive for grades increases the motivation and in the same way, an internship will stimulate your growth and autonomy. You will spend time developing the skills you need, such as communication, collaboration, and analytic skills. Doing an internship in the above fields can prepare you for a well-paid and fulfilling career in a managerial role.

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