A Quick Start to Self Help

eCRMGuide.com Staff

Updated · Oct 31, 2001

E-commerce companies that are in a hurry to implement a self-service application should take a look at the new offering from Banter Inc. Banter's QuickStart program was designed to install Banter Self Help in less than 15 days, enabling an automatic reply function on Web sites.

“Self-service has proven to be the most cost-effective channel for customer support,” said Tom Aden, Banter president and CEO. “Our QuickStart is an excellent turnkey program that will help customers realize just how effective Banter Self Help can be at reducing support volumes while greatly increasing their customers' satisfaction.”

Customized to resemble the look and feel of your site, Self Help implementation includes business analysis, installation and setup, knowledge base creation and training. The application is powered by Banter's Relationship Modeling Engine (RME) — technology that is based on powerful natural language processing, combined with sophisticated statistical and semantic analysis.

RME is a self-learning system that interprets, processes and adapts to communication in real time. The benefits include a common shared knowledge base across multiple channels, requiring little or no maintenance (such as manual reprogramming), and consistent accuracy in response to customer queries — accuracy continually increases through the real-time learning engine.

Based in San Francisco, Banter builds solutions that manage information and customer relationships including applications for e-mail, online self-help, content management and business process automation. Global customers include ABN AMRO America, VeriSign, and Wells Fargo Bank.

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