Agile Business Intelligence for BI Professionals

Mark J

Updated · Sep 24, 2010

Globalization and the transition to a fully digital age has seen business agility become a business mandate and new path forward to competitive advantage. As reported on BeyeNetwork, business intelligence (BI) professionals need to maintain a focus on the increasing volume of data and the need to turn this data into precise actionable key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics.

“The reality is that as a result of market forces, demand for better analytics, dashboards and scorecards in real time is being generated everywhere in the enterprise (executive, sales, marketing, finance, legal, supply chain, human resources, and even IT).

“Time is of the essence and new methods are needed to deliver in a more nimble manner. This is particularly true for analytical solutions that are a key component to driving revenue and moving the business ahead of the competition. We are entering a golden age of business intelligence/decision intelligence that I believe will become pervasive and embedded into every business activity. In order for your IT organizations to support business agility, you must, in turn, embrace Agile BI methods and align your people, processes and tools to meet the demand and deliver business value.”

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