Analytics App Aims to Offer Better Marketing Visibility

Jennifer Schiff

Updated · Jun 25, 2015

Many marketing departments operate more like multiple standalone departments, focusing on different areas like social media, content marketing and demand generation, instead of as a unified department with a cohesive strategy. This lack of cohesion makes it tough to understand which marketing campaigns and channels are the most successful at attracting customers.

Data analytics provider Datameer hopes to make it easier for marketers to obtain a more complete picture of the lead-to-customer process with a new multi-channel marketing analytics application.

According to the company, the app helps marketers blend previously separate information from Salesforce, Marketo, Google Analytics, digital ads and social media to provide visibility into which combination of campaigns convert leads into customers and at what cost and speed. Datameer also offers more than 70 pre-built connectors to a variety of databases and applications, so users can integrate and analyze customer interaction data from additional systems.

The app includes a dashboard that allows users to view performance of channels, campaigns and assets by deals, opportunities and leads – all in a single view.

In addition, the app offers the ability for users to perform more detailed analysis on their best-performing channels. In looking at the website channel, for example, users can see how behavior of leads that became customers differed from those that did not. They can also identify specific assets in that channel that have contributed the most to opportunities or closed deals and compare that among other assets by dollar value of deals, number of deals and conversion speed.

A lead progression tool enables users to analyze how fast leads can be converted into deals by median number of days, as well as the number of opportunities created and deals closed during a specified time period.

This is the first in a series of planned pre-built enterprise applications geared toward helping executives more easily discover Big Data insights, according to Datameer. The company said it intends to focus on on market segments that have cross-application analytics needs that are undeserved by IT organizations.

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