Are Mobile Business Intelligence Solutions Viable?

Peter Evans

Updated · Aug 24, 2010

Author: Peter Evans

With the introduction of the latest round of Apple, Android and Windows Mobile devices, major
business intelligence vendors are starting to supply either fully-fledged Mobile Business Intelligence tools or intermediate tools that allow companies to display their chosen BI solution on mobile devices.

This article
takes a look at the mobile business intelligence offerings from three vendors who have each chosen a different methodology for connection to mobile devices.

“The dynamics of the delivery of business information have been changing for some time, however it is only within the last 18 months that the mobile devices that the executives are utilizing to access the BI data have been able to support the full range of real time data that is available on the corporate net. Delivery of this information should, if it is managed correctly, increase the demand for Business Intelligence and therefore the required capital investment to roll out these systems. To deliver BI on a mobile platform it is imperative to first ensure that the company's mobile platform is stable and supplied if possible by one wireless supplier, especially when considering overseas access. Security is paramount due to the ease of loss and theft of the mobile devices in question, encryption and authentication is a minimum standard.”

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