Avoiding CRM User Identity Mishaps

Mark J

Updated · Mar 23, 2011

Too often CRM data that's about your users (employees who log in and manipulate data every day) is ignored. This Computer World article offers advice on user policies and tips to avoid user identity mistakes.

“1. Naming Users By Their Function, Rather Than Their Name The default login for CRM users is their name or email address. But it can be tempting to have the login be the person's function, rather than their real name.

“If you have a large pool of workers that do essentially the same thing (e.g., “customer support operator 13″), this isn't the worst idea in the world. It does provide contextual information that isn't available from the user's own name, but it de-personalizes your users – never a good thing for system adoption or for HR. A better approach is to use the users Profile, Role, or other fields to provide that information in addition to the user's name.”

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