Capsule CRM for Small Business Review

Mark J

Updated · Dec 08, 2010

Capsule offers a user-friendly, relatively affordable ($12 a month per user) combination of task-management systems, sales-pipeline technology and calendar tools. As noted in this review via Reuters, this relatively new entrant on the market has the potential to be a Swiss Army knife for small groups. Capsule, a multitasking online tool, keeps the focus squarely where it should be: on sales.

“1. It's easy to get started. Set-up and start-up are a relative breeze. Capsule has an uncluttered, open layout. Logos and graphics are on the upper-left of the screen, and tabs run across the top. The main dashboard showcases tabs such as tasks, updates and active business projects or deals. Capsule also integrates well with other small-business systems, such as Google Inc.'s Google Apps, Microsoft Inc.'s Excel, Rocket Science Group LLC's MailChimp and Xero Ltd.'s accounting software.”

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