Cloud CRM: Platform or Product?

Mark J

Updated · Dec 28, 2010

This report on Computer World takes a look at the differences between a cloud-based CRM platform and CRM product.
According to the report choices have become more complicated because CRM vendors have OEM relationships with vendors who sell highly tailored vertical solutions built on top of the cloud platform.

“If what you really want is just a set of stand-alone features, OEM products are often a terrific value. OEMs strip away some of the standard features of the salesforce CRM system, replacing them with their own functionality. If the OEM has done a good job, their feature set is going to be a much closer match to your needs than a ‘vanilla’ CRM system. If they’ve done a really good job, the UI has been streamlined and a lot of clutter has been removed, which speeds user adoption. Best of all, the OEM product may sell for the same price as the full-featured (enterprise) version of the vanilla CRM system.”

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