Common CRM Obstacles

Mark J

Updated · Feb 18, 2011

One of the misconceptions that has bedeviled CRM has been the idea that it is simply a technology you buy and implement, thus solving your problems. This article on CRM Buyer offers tips to help you get past the 3 main human obstacles to CRM.

“This myopic view is hazardous for a number of reasons. First, it tends to punt responsibility for CRM into the realm of the IT department, making it once removed from the business problems it needs to address. Second, it also can create a perception issue in which, in managers' minds, the individual customers become disassociated from the aggregate data about them.

“This leads to a number of problems. You can't treat CRM as another IT project; most IT projects have distinct ending points, but CRM is an eternal work in progress. Since your customers and your business conditions are always changing, CRM needs to change as well.”

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