CrateDB 1.0 Delivers New Stable Open-Source Database Option

Sean Michael

Updated · Dec 15, 2016

The open-source CrateDB database hit a major milestone on December 14 with the debut of its 1.0 release. CrateDB defines itself as a SQL database that enables real-time analytics for machine data applications.

What is also particularly interesting about CrateDB is that it aims to bring NoSQL type capabilities, including improved performance, to the SQL database model. The structural nature of SQL was originally seen as a hindrance to some, which led to the rise of NoSQL. With CrateDB, there is a distributed SQL query engine as well as columnar field caches that help to provide improved speed.

CrateDB is also built for the modern era of microservices and can be run as a set of Docker containers. The open-source database also has integrated, automatic data sharding, to distribute data across a cluster.

“When we founded, we set out to reinvent SQL for the machine data era,” Christian Lutz, CEO of, said in a statement. “The general availability of the product and our expansion to San Francisco mark a new phase in our growth, and we look forward to driving further innovation of the platform both internally and by extension through the open source community.”

To date has raised $5.5 million to help fuel its operations. The open-source CrateDB project got started back in 2013 and has benefiting from the contributions of 34 contributors and iterated 257 release on the road to the 1.0 milestone.

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