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Updated · Dec 19, 2000

PALO ALTO, CA–The Age of CRM is upon us and an upcoming webcast supposedly will help
companies understand the challenges they face in order to be successful.

Georges Tsitos, the Managing Director of LaserCom, will discuss three challenges
organizations must meet in the online interview:

       –The increasing difficulty for companies to
manage information flow
       across channels (Websites, call centers or
traditional paper

       –Who actually “owns” a customer within an

       –The ability to capitalize on regular and
frequent contact opportunities
       with customers.

Tsitos believes companies need a customer information “gatekeeper”. “Someone has to
have the final right to say what information goes out, how the customer is contacted,
how he is marketed to, and how his interest is best protected.” The gatekeeper also has
to “be responsible for managing and creating an interactive dialog with customers
because communication is a two-way street. Organizations today are still pushing out
too much information,” he insists. “Today we have to listen to customers; we have to
get feedback from them and integrate it into our systems.”

Tsitos says LaserCom is all about integrating an organizations’s touch points and the
lines of businesses within organizations into a coherent communications effort to
customers. “We deal with the full scope of the customer communication contact”, Tsitos
says. “That ranges from paper to electronic – electronic bills, electronic presentment
to systems, campaign management systems. We also provide facilities to improve your
cross-selling, up-selling, and output management that helps you organize your
production of information and documents.”

The interview is scheduled to be webcast tomorrow, December 20th. The interview is
conducted by Michael Killen, Founder and Chairman of Killen & Associates, an Internet
market research firm, on their site located at

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