dvsAnalytics Releases Latest Version of Desktop Analytics

Mark J

Updated · Apr 01, 2011

Call recording and contact center analytics provider, dvsAnalytics, has announced the latest release of its Encore Desktop Analytics module, eCapture. In this news release, the company
says that eCapture is an optional software module with new capabilities automate the integration between dvsAnalytics’ workforce optimization suite and third-party applications.
This helps users to capture additional data, protect sensitive information and improve quality assurance processes.

“Capture Customer Data: Valuable information, like customer ID, sales value, call disposition, etc., can be extracted from third-party applications, such as a CRM system, and linked to call recording files. This eCapture capability allows you to quickly search and retrieve a list of customer interactions containing the criteria you need. Use this data to improve customer service, or in a healthcare setting, enhance patient care.

“Protect Sensitive Information: Ensure PCI and HIPAA compliance by not recording the portion of the call in which sensitive data, such as protected health information or credit card validation codes, is shared. This is achieved with eCapture’s start, stop and pause commands. For example, when eCapture identifies that the mouse is moving to a field in which sensitive data is entered, it can stop recording the audio and screen activity and then resume after verification.

“Optimize QA Processes: Using eCapture event triggers, flag calls that meet or don’t meet specific criteria and place the associated recording into a dynamic playlist to be reviewed by QA. For example, all calls that were not coded as resolved on the first call (FCR) would be copied into a playlist for evaluators to review.”

Read the Full News release at dvsanalytics.com

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