IBM Adds Predictive Analytics to Global Services Portfolio

Ainsley Jones

Updated · Dec 07, 2010

IBM is adding new data analytics tools to its global services portfolio to aid CIOs in the observation and management of their IT infrastructures. The new tools were constructed using the intellectual property of 21 inventions. 

The move will equip CIOs with the same analytics tools long utilized by CEOs and CFOs, says Steve Sams, vice president of site and facilities services at IBM, said:

These businesses are strapped and the CIO is between a rock and a hard place. Analytics to some extent is the way through this problem.

Sams also believes the tools can help with executive politics, adding:

The simple fact is that, until they had the facts, this was an intensely political decision. This will allow CIOs to have the facts they need to make some very compelling decisions.

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