IBM Planning on Bringing Native Containers and Pure Apps to Power8

Sean Michael

Updated · Jul 22, 2015

There are few technologies today that are as exciting as containers for the deployment of virtualized applications. Containers run on multiple operating systems and now are able to run on IBM’s Power architecture with new capabilities set to debut later this year.

In a video interview, Doug Balog, general manager of IBM’s Power Systems group, discusses where containers fit into the Power architecture. Balog also provides some insight into future IBM Power systems that will be application workload focused.

“We’re pretty excited about containers, and the speed with which they can be spun up is really the value proposition,” Balog said.

To date, Docker containers have been able to run on Power8 systems running Ubuntu by way of the PowerVM hypervisor. In the future, the plan is to enable containers to run natively on Power8.

Balog noted that Power isn’t just about the hardware, as there is also IBM’s Pure Application strategy coming into focus that will bring application-centric stacks to Power systems.

“Clients can get not only the infrastructure, but also the middleware,” Balog said.

While Balog isn’t yet announcing an IBM Pure Power DB2 database machine, he said you never know what might show up in the market.

Watch the video with Doug Balog below:

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Sean Michael
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