IDC: Use of Business Analytics Software Growing

Mark J

Updated · Oct 08, 2010

A new International Data Corporation (IDC) report reveals how the market for business analytics software and solutions will grow as end users become more familiar with how the technology and business practices can be used to improve competitiveness. As a result of its research, this Business Wire news release says that IDC forecasts the business analytics market to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.0 percent over the 2009-2014 forecast period with even greater growth expected over the next ten years.

“IDC's research shows that end users are hearing more about the benefits of business analytics from widely publicized cases about large retailers, social networking sites, search engines, intelligence agencies, and other organizations that generate and analyze vast amounts of data. Previous cases of advanced uses of business analytics were either poorly publicized or they were from “boring” industries that didn't catch the attention of the press.”

Read the Research Highlights at Business Wire

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