Internet Cash Management Solution Features Customer Service Enhancements

Debra A.

Updated · May 07, 2001

Fundtech Ltd.(NASDAQ: FNDT), a provider of e-payments and Internet banking solutions, Friday (May 4) announced the latest release of its webACCESS Internet cash management solution that will greatly enhance its clients' customer service capabilities.

This new version, webACCESS 3.5, features two key elements designed to increase the profitability and market reach of financial institutions' Internet service offerings: a new customer self-administration module and enhancements to the portal module.

webACCESS is a modular, brandable solution for corporate Internet banking that enables financial institutions to offer their customers a complete set of cash management services, including multi-bank balance reporting, foreign and domestic wire transfers, book transfers, ACH origination, check management, bank reports and e-mail. The system features multi-layer security and robust user administration capabilities. In addition, webACCESS leverages the strengths of IBM's server architecture to provide scalability beyond that which is available from other technologies.

With this new customer self-administration module, bank-authorized system administrators at customer sites will be able to add new webACCESS users, modify user information and define user permissions within their own companies through an intuitive browser interface. By giving their customers direct control over user setup and permissions, financial institutions can increase customer satisfaction and grow their Internet cash management customer base without increasing operational expenses.

The enhanced portal module in webACCESS 3.5 supports financial institutions in developing stronger, more profitable customer relationships through an integrated Internet offering. The portal module enables integrated login, session management and navigation between webACCESS and other online services – either from within the webACCESS application infrastructure or within the framework of an existing bank single sign-on solution.

"This important release of webACCESS demonstrates Fundtech's commitment to help our financial institution customers succeed in an increasingly competitive business environment," said Reuven Ben-Menachem, chairman and chief executive officer of Fundtech.

"We have designed webACCESS 3.5 to help financial institutions generate new revenue through increased adoption and usage rates of Internet cash management and other online services. Further, webACCESS 3.5 empowers financial institutions to expand their Internet business to new market segments, such as the fast-growing small business market, where convenience, control and easy access to multiple financial services are so critical."

Fundtech provides software solutions and services that facilitate e-payments and e-banking by enabling businesses and their banks to electronically manage cash, process payments and transfer funds. The company's client-server and Internet software products automate the process of transferring funds among corporations, banks and clearance systems and enable businesses to manage global cash positions efficiently and in real-time. Fundtech's solutions have been sold to more than 700 financial institutions around the globe.

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