Is Business Intelligence Software Enough? Staff

Updated · Apr 30, 2010

Business Intelligence software can play a vital role in helping IT and knowledge workers get a handle on increasingly huge warehouses of customer data and other information. According to this report on Datamation, current BI systems may not be enough for many businesses,
and applications designed to complement and augment BI software may be needed.

“The report said that in spite of the millions invested by BI software developers and on customers using their products, today typical BI solutions struggle to keep up with the increasing volume and complexity of data — even when those solutions are customized. The pain is particularly acute when it comes to decisions that need to be made quickly and are based on changing demands that might not conform to predetermined report structures.

“‘We're moving to the next stage of people in a business saying, ‘If I can get the reports, why can't I slice the data a different way and see it in the context of blog postings about our products, and sort and filter that information further?' Paul Sonderegger, chief strategist at Endeca, told”

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