ISC Introduces the Open Intel Project

Mark J

Updated · Feb 14, 2011

The MapDotNet Team at ISC has recently announced a new open source project called Open Intel.
According to this report on Red Orbit, Open Intel (OI) is a feature rich codebase built with ISC’s MapDotNet UX and is heavily focused on spatial data visualization and cartographic analysis.

“OI can fulfill data transparency requirements as an open government data portal for publishing data for internal or external consumption. Additionally, OI is the foundation for building advanced business intelligence applications for analyzing large amounts of spatial and non-spatial data. Out-of-the-box, OI allows users to preview datasets in a data catalog, download data in portable formats such as shapefiles or comma separated values, connect to data feeds for building apps or widgets, or produce a mash up for advanced data analysis. The codebase, which has been in development for the past three months, is being released on Microsoft’s CodePlex Open Source Community, at”

Read the Full Story at Red Orbit

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