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Updated · Jan 28, 2010

The iTuple CRM app from ERP software provider xTuple is now available at iTunes.

ERP software provider xTuple has introduced the iTuple CRM app for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch (and, of course, the iPad). The application was developed by Texas-based software development firm Paladin Logic.

"[The] new application allows users to sync their iPhone or iPod Touch with their company’s ERP database, including the CRM Address Book of contacts and corporate relationships and personal to-do items assigned from within the CRM module," according to Computer Business Review. "It allows users to call or email CRM contacts by tapping the live hyperlink on the iTuple record. Addresses in iTuple are integrated with the Google Maps application."

The app works with all three xTuple editions — PostBooks, Standard and Manufacturing — each of which includes support for different currencies, tax structures and languages.

"Future releases of iTuple will be guided by the demands of the xTuple and iPhone user communities, and could include additional CRM functionality, sales and financial reporting and other business intelligence, inventory and product activity, really anything that’s in the xTuple ERP database," says Paladin Logic president Will Bralick.

The application is available for $4.99 in Apple’s App Store.

Click on the following to read the Computer Business Review article: xTuple launches integrated CRM app for iPhone, iPod Touch

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