J.D. Edwards Offers Collaborative Forecasting

Natasha Gray

Updated · Feb 01, 2002

J.D. Edwards & Co. , the Denver, Colo.-based collaborative technology solutions provider, today announced the general availability of the Demand Consensus module, a new capability for collaborative forecasting.The Web-based application is designed to brings, planners, sales, executives, operations, customers, and suppliers together in a collaborative conference room environment to help them get better forecasting results.

J.D. Edwards argues that Demand Consensus will offers essential forward-looking information within the traditional forecasting process while also allowing users to leverage statistical forecast data by linking to the firms Demand Planning, OneWorld or WorldSoftware solutions.

“Demand Consensus provides our customers with collaborative forecasting capabilities at a much lower cost, whether it is used alone or in conjunction with statistical Demand Planning or ERP information,” says Andy Carlson, director of supply chain product marketing at J.D. Edwards.

“Outside partners and customers can participate in the collaborative forecasting process with minimum investment — they need only an Internet connection to use the self-service format to input or view forecasts,” he adds.

J.D. Edwards hope that the Demand Consensus module will attract not only its Advanced Planning, OneWorld, and WorldSoftware users but CRM users as well.

The firm plans to integrate the new capability with its CRM solution, which it says will complement its other modules such a Sales Force Automation to allow sales opportunity, channel and promotional information to feed directly into the forecasting process.

According to analysts, Demand Consensus will help position J.D. Edwards to meet growing market demands for new methods to increase forecast accuracy and reach agreement among supply chain business partners.

Says analyst Predrag Jakovljevic in a recent report from TechnologyEvaluation.com: “Demand Consensus is likely to be seen as one of the major revenue drivers in the future.”

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