J.D. Edwards Offers Self-Service Apps.

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Updated · Feb 13, 2002

J.D. Edwards & Co. , the Denver, Colo.-based provider of collaboration solutions, yesterday announced the launch of OneWorld Customer Self-Service and Supplier Self-Service, two web-based applications designed to give customers and suppliers secure self-service access to enterprise data.In addition, the firm also released a new version of the OneWorld Portal, to allow users to view J.D. Edwards applications — including the new self-service products — from their desktop or remote location over the Web.

J.D. Edwards says the Customer Self-Service and Supplier Self-Service applications give OneWorld users the opportunity to share business information.

Partners along the supply chain can help themselves to account information, purchase orders, release schedules, quotes, responses and supplier performance analyses, and customers can enter and modify forecasts, review sales orders and invoices, track shipments, manage user profiles, review account balances and payment history, and obtain personalized customer alerts.

“Customer and Supplier Self-Service exemplify how J.D. Edwards enables businesses to safely and securely share information beyond their walls through low-cost applications,” says Joel Reed, director of customer and supplier relationship management at J.D. Edwards.

“These applications further augment J.D. Edwards' customer and supplier relationship management solutions, and provide an affordable entree into the bottom line benefits of customer and supplier lifecycle management.”

Indianapolis-based Inland Paperboard and Packaging, Inc. is Beta testing customer self-service application and will be one of the first to offer the fully automated integrated service for their customers.

“We recognize the need to collaborate with our key business partners and allow them to access critical information on their own,” says Mike Sullivan, senior vice president and CFO, Inland Paperboard and Packaging, Inc.

“J.D. Edwards has just about all of the information a number of our customers were looking for right out of the box.”

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