Microsoft and Duel Over Patents

Mark J

Updated · Jun 28, 2010

Microsoft and are dueling in US courts, with each accusing the other of violating its patented technology. According to this report on SMH, Salesforce has filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against Microsoft in apparent retaliation for similar litigation that the US technology colossus filed against Salesforce in May.

“‘It’s a normal response,’ said analyst Rob Enderle of Enderle Group in Silicon Valley. ‘Salesforce is trying to create some balance so there is reason for Microsoft to come to the table and negotiate.’

“Microsoft’s legal filing accuses Salesforce of infringing on nine patents.

“‘Defendant’s infringement of the Microsoft patents-in-suit is willful and deliberate, entitling Microsoft to enhanced damages and reasonable attorney fees and costs,’ the company said in court documents.”

Read the Full Story at SMH

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