PRM: Managing Your Channel Partner Relationships

Mark J

Updated · Jul 30, 2010

Relationships with end-user customers are important enough to warrant a CRM solution and your channel partners should also be considered important enough to warrant a PRM solution. This Ecommerce Times article looks at partner relationship management (PRM) and offers advice and tips top implementing a good PRM solution for your organization.

“Just as with CRM, the implementation of a PRM solution should be made in stages, starting with critical problems, Morgan says. Tackling the pressing problem first gets instant value from the solution and helps sell your staff on the solution, making it easier to implement other components later.

“It also gives you an opportunity to bring your partners along as you implement PRM and ease them into your new system rather than dropping an entire new management system on them all at once.

“Integration with CRM, marketing and ERP is critical to fully harness PRM’s power, but unfortunately, few companies consider PRM when formulating their overall strategy, Morgan says. The channel is still seen as something that the sales department manages; as a result, it’s often excluded when businesses do strategic planning around their critical software systems.”

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