QlikView Partners for Enterprise Platform Management

Mark J

Updated · Apr 21, 2010

QlikTech and NOAD have forged a new partnership to offer support for QlikView business intelligence software in NOAD's EQM product suite. As mentioned in the company news release on PR-USA, the partnership enables NOAD's EQM product suite to provide QlikView customers with solutions to control change management, automate and monitor business intelligence life cycle processes, conserve resources, and control costs on an enterprise scale.

“Whether deployed in one department, across several geographies or across the enterprise, QlikView customers who take advantage of NOAD EQM can leverage:

“Change Manager – automatically track all QlikView instances within a company, including originator and listing of all changed versions with associated authorizations. This tracking provides a means to easily keep compliant, from design through release to production, so passing an IT audit is never a problem. For each application, management can define a process to ensure that components automatically pass through the defined phases, and that company policies and government legislation are enforced. NOAD EQM4 Change Manager's security features provide powerful authorization and authentication. Users are grouped into roles, and are granted varying levels of authority, providing more control over access usage.”

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