Rapportive: CRM for Gmail

Mark J

Updated · Mar 05, 2010

UK-based startup Rapportive has introduced a CRM tool for Gmail.

"Rapportive [is] a new browser plugin, not unlike Xobni for Outlook, that adds dynamic contact previews to Gmail complete with profile picture, brief bio and links to their various social networking profiles," writes The Next Web’s Zee M Kane. "Part social, part CRM, Rapportive also features a minimalist notes area directly under the social profiles section of the sidebar."

"These are very early days for the company but the basic concept, from what we can see, is that via a quick exchange of emails and little work, you’re immediately given an accurate (or as accurate as Social Media can be) overview of who the person is," Kane writes.

Click on the following to read the article at The Next Web: Gmail Gets a Slick Social CRM Tool. You’re Going to Like This.

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