SalesFUSION 8 Blurs CRM and Marketing Automation

Pedro Hernandez

Updated · May 07, 2013

SalesFUSION is strengthening and deepening the ties between its marketing automation application and popular customer relationship management (CRM) platforms.

The Atlanta-based sales and marketing software specialist today announced SalesFUSION 8.0. The updated software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering provides a set of new and expanded features meant to help account executives and marketers streamline their workflows and pounce on new sales opportunities.

What's New: Event Management and More

New to version 8 is a prospect nurturing tool. A visual flow designer links sales and marketing actions, allowing users to piece together marketing campaigns using a single tool and manage the lead to sales process.

Setting up and managing virtual meetings and webinars gets a boost in the form of a new event management wizard that features Citrix and WebEx pre-integration. Online event coordinators can build and manage events directly within SalesFUSION, complete with registration pages and follow-up capabilities. The product can also automatically append attendee information to CRM lead records.

HTML5-based dashboards present analytics information in a visually rich format. Users can explore data pertaining to leads, campaigns, ROI and campaign effectiveness at a glance.

Also new is a prospect call-downs view capability that draws information from the CRM system, allowing sales personnel to view lists of prospects who have responded to campaigns and other marketing events managed by SalesFUSION.

Other features include Citrix GoToMeeting integration to facilitate sales calls and a ScheduleMe tool that allows prospects that respond to outbound or inbound marketing campaigns to schedule their own meetings. New multi-page conversion rate testing capabilities help marketing managers evaluate the effectiveness of their landing pages, forms and social posts, boasts the company.

CRM integration

SalesFUSION integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sage SalesLogix, and SugarCRM.

SalesFUSION chief marketing officer Kevin Mille asserts that his company's tech knocks down the boundaries between traditional CRM and marketing software. “We believe marketing automation and CRM systems need to work together at a deeper level than they have in past. Our 8.0 release brings marketing tasks such as nurture campaigns directly into the CRM, placing the right prospects in front of sales at the right time,” he said in a statement.

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