Salesvue Adds Prospecting Software to Salesforce AppExchange

Drew Robb

Updated · Sep 26, 2013 launched its AppExchange in 2005. Since then, the marketplace through which users can download and install apps compatible with Salesforce's cloud platform has grown to include more than 1,950 apps and has logged nearly 2 million downloads. Earlier this week Salesvue added its Prospecting-to-Pipeline automation solution, which it promises makes sales prospecting more efficient with detailed performance reports and customized calling cadence plans that promote a standardized process for following up on leads.

“We take the guesswork out of sales prospecting,” said Bill Johnson, president of Salesvue. “With the insights provided from our powerful analytics, Salesvue can inform sales teams as to which call or email attempt is most likely to convert, the best time of the day to make calls, when to stop calling a lead, which sales representatives need more coaching and more valuable insights to increase sales revenue.”

According to Salesvue, the calling cadence plans will prompt sales representatives when to follow up with each lead based on the results of the last conversation and the category of lead into which it falls. For instance, a “warm” lead will receive a different schedule than a “cold” one and a lead for new business will be handled differently than a renewal.

In addition, sales people can display the most pertinent information for each contact with one click, so they do not have to spend time finding and logging information on each sales lead.

“My sales team spends 70 percent of their time prospecting for new business, and we needed a way to manage my team’s prospecting efforts that instills a process, drives efficiency and provides insight to better understand what’s working and what’s not,” said Mike Rutz, vice president of sales for Angie’s List, a Salesvue client. “With Salesvue, we’re finally able to incorporate a uniform sales prospecting process across our entire sales department that has already proven to drive results for our organization.”

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